No fault, capital gains tax & co-habitation: our round-up of news for April 2019

April divorce news round up

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

No fault divorce at last, as new changes to changes to divorce law are announced

50s woman pointing at self. blame game


Changes have finally been announced to the divorce laws. “Now is the right time to end this unnecessary blame game for good” says the Justice Secretary.


Capital Gains Tax: why timing matters when you divorce and new changes need to be considered

House with TAX in words


In an in-depth interview, Janette Whiteway, Personal Tax Manager and Associate at Langdowns DFK talked to LGFL’s Rita Gupta about why timing is crucial in CGT planning.




Cohabitation: trouble in waiting?



Cohabiting with your partner? Discover why a Cohabitation Agreement is a very good idea even if you have absolutely no intention of splitting up! ⁣


From our social media:

Record low as 25pc of marriages are religious ceremonies, as weddings become 'more social, less sacred'

Interesting figures - society is definitely changing.


Be honest, be kind: five lessons from an amicable divorce

Consciously uncoupling is possible: choose your battles, build a support network and learn to play the long game.


Lady Hale: at least half of UK judiciary should be female

Bring on the girls says Lady Hale.


Estonia to build ‘robot judge’ to clear case backlog

Perhaps not what you really want to find in court.

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) officials in Estonia are hoping the country's top data expert, Ott Velsberg, can help design a robot judge to help clear the high volume of small claims disputes currently clogging up its courts.


Mandatory 'divorce course' for parents splitting up in Denmark

Experts say the course is a good first step, but they would like to see divorcing parents offered even more counselling.


Psychological domestic abuse becomes crime in Scotland under ‘groundbreaking’ new law

Coercive control becomes a crime in Scotland too.

English judge says man having sex with wife is 'fundamental human right'

This might lead to many interesting discussions.


Third of Britons admit to snooping on partner’s devices – survey

Would you snoop?


Queen’s Bench Division to be led by woman for first time

Chalk another up for the girls! Things are improving.


Average divorce now takes longer than a year for first time as MoJ reforms blamed for delays

Potentially waiting up to 56 weeks. Surely the MoJ will get things moving better shortly.


Feminist group wins campaign to change how media reports domestic abuse

In a bid to combat irresponsible reporting the guidelines, set out by feminist organisation, Level Up, instruct journalists how to report on domestic abuse in the safest and most sensitive way possible. They were written by a coalition of academics, survivors' families and representatives from domestic violence charities.


Bungling court staff insisted judge do jury duty in his own case

OMG! Triumph of bureaucracy over good sense.


Papua New Guinea has better court tech than us, says Lord Chief Justice

The UK is lagging behind Papua New Guinea when it comes to court technology, the Lord Chief Justice has suggested.


Parental Alienation: Courts ensure children won’t be caught in the middle

Robust judicial control and case management are key to ensuring that the relevant issues are explored and that the reality of the position for each child is understood.


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