Mediation, pensions and alienation: Our round-up of news for April 2024

There was a lot of news we found interesting in March 2024, so we've put a few of the news posts on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:


Hybrid mediation: a better way for separating couples to reach agreement


We’re delighted to announce that LGFL Director Anne Leiper is now a fully qualified Resolution Hybrid Mediator. Hybrid mediation offers a better way to resolve family disputes over such as child arrangements, separation agreements and financial settlements without the need to go to court.



Mind the (big) gap: accounting for the true value of pensions in divorce


Pension pots can be the financial elephant in the divorce room that nobody can afford to ignore. What's more, decisions about pension sharing can affect your lifestyle long after the divorce itself is concluded.




Breaking the bonds: Parental alienation and the effect on families


In the week of Parental Alienation Awareness day, our article takes a balanced view of this much debated issue and its potential effects on children, wider family and friends both during and after a separation.




And from our social media streams:


Manchester lawyers call for honour-based abuse to be recognised in law

A lack of a legal framework is making it difficult to secure honour-based abuse convictions, a professor calling for the crime to be recognised in law has said.


UK's mediation voucher scheme rescues thousands from courtroom chaos

"Anna Vollans, chair of the Family Mediators Association, underscores the scheme's profound implications, noting a significant surge in mediation-driven resolutions since its inception in 2021. With a commitment to inclusivity, the scheme amplifies the voices of children, ensuring their perspectives are central to the negotiation process. "


Prenups on the rise as couples secure assets before tying the knot

As the wedding season is fast approaching, pre-nuptial agreement enquiries are hitting record highs, as couples are focusing on their assets before their big day.


Divorce application fee will not increase

With all the price rises at the moment. This one remains the same:


Partners to be quizzed in new gun licence screening

The initiative, called Project Titanium, has been developed by Gwent Police with the help of domestic abuse survivors.


My parents split custody of their dog after they separated. It taught me some relationships are meant for the long haul.

They shared custody of their dog 'Just because'.


Birdnesting: meet the Londoners still sharing a home with their exes keep their family together after divorce

A variation on ‘Birdnesting' after your divorce.


Woman reveals how she soft-launched divorce from husband: ‘I would be checking your page daily’

Soft launch divorce trend.


Divorce piles on when sandwiched between parents and kids

Adult children whose parents get divorced can wind up dealing with an emotionally exhausting legal process.


Why divorce rates can spike in spring

Tax season is also divorce season. Here's why.


Divorce attorneys reveal 3 things that make super-rich breakups unique, even though what causes them tends to be the same

New York matrimonial attorney Marilyn Chinitz and fellow New York matrimonial attorney Vicky Poumpouridis talked to Insider about what makes the wealthiest divorces unique — and what makes all breakups more or less the same.


The language Of divorce proceedings – Why it matters

“It is blindingly obvious that the language we have been using is not appropriate and only goes to stoke the minds of those in a combative mindset, rather than direct them a different way,” president of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane.


Pressure grows to reform cohabiting rights

Many mistakenly believe they are in ‘common law’ marriages. Labour is among those advocating for change