Relations, Celebrities and Statistics: our April round up of news

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Related to a celebrity

Being related to a politician can never be easy, but it can also have a serious impact on how much privacy you can expect during your divorce, as Hunter Biden, son of former Vice president Joe Biden, found out.











fishing boat and marriage in kentucky


Family law cases figures and trends: making sense of the stats

We're not normally ones for getting excited by dry facts and figures, but the new graphing system for family law case statistics is revealing some surprising trends and patterns.





Celebrity divorce 2017

Celebrity divorce in 2017: splits, separations and pregnant nannies

Our celebrity divorces roundup for 2017 shows the whole range of divorce cases, from amicable splits to emotional and physical abuse claims.





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May seem a strange concept but there are many reasons for staying in the home.
Here, seven lawyers share the most intense things they've seen during their time practising divorce law—for better and for worse.
MPs say essential cooperation in commercial and family law will require the UK to give due regard to ECJ decisions. So the UK must retain residual links with the European Union’s highest court after Brexit in order to protect the interests of British business.
Many cases involve women’s drinking, adding: ‘Men are more likely to be accused of having an alcohol problem but the frequency with which wives’ drinking has been cited over the last few years is marked.


New research by the Chartered Insurance Institute emphasises that divorce and separation are a significant financial risk to women left “vulnerable” by joint decisions made while they were in a long-term relationship.
Friends and parents of engaged couples have started gifting these classes as a wedding presents, which range from $3,888 HKD for a half-day “Marriage 101” class to $9,888 HKD for a weekend retreat, wiping out the archaic idea that marriage counselling is just for couples having marital troubles.
Whether the money has been left to an animal charity or a private school. A court ruling has made it even more of an uphill struggle.



These two women married the same man. So they wrote a divorce guide.



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