Cohabitation, menopause and celebrities in divorce: Our round-up of news for Aug-Sept 2022

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Rita Gupta on BBC Radio 5 Live discussing cohabitation


Radio Rita is back! LGFL Director Rita Gupta was invited to discuss cohabiting couples and their legal rights on BBC Radio 5 Live with Qasa Alom - with just 30 minutes notice! Read the discussion transcript in our latest article



Brain fog and forgetfulness: the impact of menopause on divorce and separation

40% of female divorce petitions are made by women aged between 45 and 55. In the first of two articles, Director Rita Gupta explores the impact menopause and perimenopause can have on divorce and separation in midlife.





Settling for less: how menopause may impact on financial settlements


In our second article on menopause and divorce, LGFL Managing Director Rita Gupta shares her thoughts on how it might affect decisions around financial settlements, pensions, and earning capacity. 




Swiftly to a close: Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch divorce


Married in the UK, divorced in the USA. How filing for divorce in Los Angeles enabled former supermodel Jerry Hall and media mogul Rupert Murdoch to go their separate ways quickly.





From our social media:

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott is getting a divorce from her second husband

Unlucky second time around too but continues to be incredibly generous with her wealth


International parental child abduction - Guidance

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has published a guide explaining options for a parent to consider and whom to contact if their child has been taken or kept abroad by the other parent or a relative without permission.


‘Divorce party’ cancelled in Indian city following protests

A group of 18 men were planning a party to celebrate their respective divorces


Domestic abuse: Forensic marker spray helps victims rebuild lives

Some help from Yorkshire police for domestic abuse survivors.

Who are being helped to rebuild their lives with the use of forensic marker spray. A forensic liquid which shows up under ultraviolet light and stays on skin & clothing for weeks.


A divorce trend that may reshape marriage forever

Article on the rise of silver splitters:

"It’s 50-70-year-olds pulling the plug on their dying relationships where “I love you” didn't end up meaning “I’ll do everything.” Relationships that were on autopilot for decades are coming off life support."


Angelina Jolie files US$250m lawsuit over claims Brad Pitt tried to ‘seize control’ of winery

Still it rumbles on. The saga of Pitt and Jolie


The 36 most expensive celebrity divorce settlements of all time

The figures become eye-watering! Expensive divorces


What Are the Pros and Cons of Compulsory Mediation?

“Mediation should be retained as a flexible an effective parallel process & alternative to litigation which does not deny access to justice. Courts & judges have a vital role to play in encouraging mediation and helping to ‘save parties from themselves’.”


Why tax changes are good news for divorcing couples

That’s because the tax system gives divorcing couples or civil partners until the end of the tax year in which they separate to move assets between each other without having to pay CGT. But this can leave couples who separate in March with a matter of weeks or even just days to agree and move their assets.


Family law guidance for athletes – Dealing with continuing disputes over children

This article looks at a few of the issues that can arise after separation when a couple have moved to a co-parenting relationship.


Sylvester Stallone denies allegations of “Intentional Dissipation” of marital assets amid divorce

A common allegation made in many matrimonial matters - dissipation of assets and not the covering up of a tattoo of your wife with the face of a dog!


Triple talaq: India Muslim women in limbo after instant divorce ruling

"In 2017, India's Supreme Court outlawed the Islamic practice of "triple talaq" which allowed a Muslim man to divorce his wife in minutes just by saying "talaq" (divorce) three times. While the court's decision was celebrated by women's rights activists at the time, five years on, many Muslim women say that the ruling has left them in a limbo."


Man can keep his ex-wife's nude photos after divorce, US judge rules

Concerning ! "An ex-husband has been allowed to keep intimate pictures of his former wife as part of their divorce settlement"


And Finally:

A “one-of-a kind boutique firm”; our Legal 500 UK Solicitors 2023 Ranking

So proud - The Legal 500 United Kingdom Solicitors 2023 edition says LGFL is a “one-of-a kind boutique firm” who are "excellent solicitors" and “first rate"