Statistics, mathematics of love, schools fees: our round-up of news for August 2021

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Paying for private education in 2021: our school fees and divorce update


Concerned about paying private school fees for autumn 2021 if you are divorced or in the process of separating? You are not alone. 

Faced with changes in their financial situation post-pandemic, many parents are reassessing the whole issue of balancing private school fees, their children's educational needs and a regional decline in student numbers at some smaller school. 

All this and more in our article on divorce and private school fees for summer 2021. 


How arguments might add up to a greater risk of getting divorced – or not


Do you bottle up the small things that irritate, or speak out straight away when something upsets you? How you argue as a couple can give a strong indication whether you will get divorced or stick together. And if you think maths can't predict something as complex as relationships, think again...





Marrying less and later: new marriage stats from the ONS

Here's a question: what percentage of unmarried men got married in 2018?

a) 20%

b) 10%

c) 2%

Our latest article explores the trends behind the latest marriage rate stats from the ONS. 




From our social media:

Solicitor apprenticeships jump 40% in one year

The number of solicitor apprenticeships on offer jumped by 40% in a single year, new figures released this week by the regulator have shown.


MoJ seeks views on expanding mediation

MoJ seeks views on expanding mediation
"Seeking views on the best ways to settle family, business and other civil disputes without resorting to litigation. Responses are expected to shape future reforms to civil, family and administrative justice."      


Landmark UK court ruling due in ‘bride price’ dispute

A landmark judgment that could bring part of UK law into line with sharia law’s position on “bride price” payments regarding a case backed by a women’s charity.


What If Co-Parents Disagree?

The article from Wealth Briefing, discusses various situations this may arise.
What is clear, however, is that child-focused planning will be an important element in any successful application.


Legal history being made in Swansea with first all-female Court of Appeal to sit in Wales

Great to see more women blazing a trail and inspiration to the younger generation similar to Baroness Hale 




What is verbal abuse in a relationship and how can you deal with it?

 In the wake of the Love Island incident this article from the Independent looks at what constitutes verbal abuse. And discuses the issue with Ammanda Major, head of service quality and clinical practice at the charity Relate.


Marriage rates between heterosexual men and women drop to lowest on record

The latest drop in marriage rates, showing the changes in society.


Johnny Depp Granted Permission to Determine If Amber Heard Donated Divorce Settlement to ACLU

The saga continues for Depp and Heard. 


Domestic abuse: Support for victims and survivors

Domestic abuse: Support for victims and survivors
This article from UK parliament explains the support available for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.


This article looks at how to unwind an estate plan during #divorce, with care to how to disentangle the family’s charitable activities. 


Online hearings take edge off cross-examination, study finds

Remote hearings have many positives and their place but not for final hearings.


Research on Forgiveness Predictors Among Divorced Parents

Co-parenting after divorce can present many challenges, especially when parents struggle with hostile feelings toward their ex.
A key predictor of forgiving an ex-partner is the acceptance of divorce and related negative feelings (e.g., grief, anger).
A predictor of not forgiving an ex is narcissistic entitlement (i.e., believing one is better than one’s ex and deserves special treatment).


Are Some Parents More at Risk for Parental Alienation than Others?

Interesting read about parental alienation.


Coercive control: Male victims say they aren't believed

Male abuse victims must be taken seriously because abuse does not discriminate.


Over 10,000 pension pots shared in divorce settlements in 2020

The firm explained that 2020 was "another banner year" for many pension funds, with the increasing value of pensions making them an increasingly important asset, "second only to the family home".


Ethics principles to guide lawtech development

The Law Society has published a set of ethics principles to guide the development and use of lawtech.

President, Stephanie Boyce announced the principles in an address marking the re-opening of 113 Chancery Lane.


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