Pre-nups, discounts and dog show: Our round-up of news for August 2023

There was a lot of news we found interesting in August 2023, so we've put a few of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:

Introducing our 10% discount for emergency workers and the military


To celebrate 15 years of LGFL, we would like to give back to those who give so much. So, we’re introducing a new 10% discount to NHS employees, the emergency services, Armed Forces personnel, and other first responders such as the RNLI. Just ask for details.



Anything to declare? The importance of full disclosure in divorce Updated Aug 2023


One Supreme Court case shows the importance of full and frank disclosure of your financial information both at the start and during your divorce proceedings.




Weddings and pre-nups: know what you’re getting into


Spending £20k+ on your wedding? Why adding an hour or two of pre-marriage legal advice into your budget is a good investment for your future together.




Calling all dog lovers! Sponsoring the Swallowfield Show 2023


Is your family dog a Lovely Lady or Fabulous Fella? Prizes to be won in these LGFL sponsored dog show classes at the Swallowfield Show 2023 this August Bank Holiday!




And from our social media streams:

Court delays leave tens of thousands of children in limbo after parents split

This is a shocking statistic.

"Data showed that children removed from their parents were having to wait an average of 46 weeks to get a final decision on where they would live. "


UK businesses to get free government tool to tackle economic abuse

The kit aims to help businesses spot the signs and create an appropriate environment for victims to disclose their experiences.


Divorcing wife conceals lottery windfall, court orders her to hand over jackpot

Remember full disclosure is the best way forward, or years later you pay for it!


In North Carolina a jilted husband can sue his wife’s lover

Heartbreak’s revenge?

“Under an archaic tort called “alienation of affection”, a third party—someone outside the marriage—can be liable if shown to have intentionally ruined the marital bond.”


UK MPs warn against growing use of smart tech in domestic abuse

The far reaching effects of modern technology.


'Historic win' in Court of Appeal over same-sex parental rights

This ‘historic win’ has ‘opened the door on a new chapter in international family law’.


Does 'divorce strain' need to be treated the same way as mental health problems?

A recent pledge signed by major firms to support employees going through a divorce suggests that employers should be providing more specific support for those experiencing the strain of divorce.


Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth sign off on parenting plan for son and finalize divorce

Parenting plans sotted for Reese


Russian mogul’s wife hid £1m of handbags in bitter divorce case

Full disclosure is required even if it's handbags.


A psychologist offers advice on redefining life after divorce

"Divorce can be traumatic. … It is possible to learn to live a happy life after a divorce by leaning on the people you have around you and taking good care of your mental health."


Millionaire wins cash fight with estranged wife despite judge dubbing him ‘liar’

"Mr Justice Mostyn said the “effect” of his decision would be to reduce Mr Baker’s “deemed net worth” to about £3.9 million and increase Mrs Baker’s net worth to £7.4 million."


'Prenups: how well will they hold up in court?'


"There is a strong likelihood that any agreement that meets these criteria will be upheld and, indeed, spouses entering into a prenup should assume they will be."

Achieving a good divorce is not about winners and losers

"At the heart of any good divorce lies openness, honesty and a willingness to be fair. Pursuing a ‘win-at-all-costs’ mindset will only lead to more hurt"


Are your children more likely to divorce if you divorce?

"Research suggests that children of divorced parents have a slightly elevated risk of divorce. Many children of divorced parents go on to have healthy, stable marriages."


46% of divorced couples say this was the No. 1 conflict in their relationship—and it isn’t money

Be careful of your career choices and remember to parent together!


Inside Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd’s ongoing divorce battle

This divorce has become one of the messiest and most confrontational celebrity break-ups in years


More divorcing couples opt for 'risky and inferior' pension attachment orders

"But many couples undertaking DIY divorces may overlook pensions, even though they are potentially their largest financial asset besides the family home."

That's why divorcing couples should seek good advice.