Director Rita Gupta introduces the LGFL Ltd charity for Spring 2017, and why we chose it.
Each year, LGFL Ltd supports a different charity every three months, enabling us to help a variety of worthy causes. Our chosen charity for the beginning of the year is the School for Justice in India.
The School for Justice is a remarkable school that trains girls who survive sex trafficking and forced prostitution to become lawyers. In turn, the girls aim to use their law degree to prosecute the traffickers, helping bring them to justice and prevent a new generation of girls falling victim.
Lata is one such girl. She was doing well at school until, aged 16, she married a boy who sold her into a brothel just two months after their marriage. Lata managed to escape and is now studying law through the School for Justice. 

"Becoming a lawyer is my dream, and bringing justice to those responsible for forced child prostitution is my goal. I want to punish the men who did this to me."



Exact figures on the level of human trafficking are hard to collate, but estimates by the UN suggest that there are 3 million sex workers in India. Of these, a shocking 40% are trafficked children from ethnic minorities or lower castes. In stark contrast, only 55 cases of sexual exploitation resulted in convictions in India last year.

That’s why the School for Justice is so important. The School was created through an innovative partnership between a top law school in India, and the Free A Girl Movement, an international organisation working to free girls from the control of sex traffickers.

The School is at an undisclosed location for security reasons, and currently there are 19 girls studying law, aged from 19 to 26. This is a long-term commitment for five or six years, culminating the girls’ graduating with law degrees with a particular focus on commercial sexual exploitation cases. There is also another School planned in Brazil.

To help these girls achieve their potential, LGFL Ltd has made a donation to the charity and will continue to watch the School for Justice movement progress with interest.


For more information, see www.SchoolforJustice.com

Find School for Justice on Twitter

You can donate to the Free a Girl Movement on Facebook

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On Sunday 20th July 2014, Team LGFL, complete with their youngest recruit, Milan Gupta took part in the ‘Race for Life’ in Reading.  Despite the very hot and humid conditions, the team got through the 5k, with a combination of some serious power walking and jogging.



Anne Leiper from specialist Family Law firm LGFL LLP explains the changes in child law that came in earlier last month.
The new Children and Families Act 2014 aims to modernise family law in England and Wales, and changes the way that children cases are resolved.


Choosing an independent family law firm could protect you and your family, say Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers.


Legal disputes between members of a family can be difficult, especially when children are involved. As experienced lawyers, we know from first hand experience of the difficulties and emotional turmoil a separation or divorce can cause within families. All too often, children would be stuck in the middle of heated exchanges and endless legal discussions, whilst the issues of their welfare were being discussed. We also know, having built our own family law practice, that it doesn’t have to be that way.


At LGFL, we’re thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the best football team you’ve (probably) never heard of, Westwood Wanderers and Colts Under 7’s team. This terrific little youth team is part of the long-established Westwood Wanderers FC, based near Tilehurst, Reading.



Hampshire law firm Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers were the hosts of a summer evening celebration called ‘Bellini’s and Crostini’s which took place on Friday 20th July 2012 at Park House, within the beautiful  grounds of Warbrook  House and Grange in Eversley, a De Vere Venue.



Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers LGFL LLP specialise in family law. Their motto is: “Other Things May Change us, but we Start and End with Family”