Awards, school and books: our September round up of news

award, teacher and book round up of September blogs

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Rita Gupta nominated for Venus Awards

Rita Gupta, Finalist for Professional of the Year 2017, Hampshire Venus Awards

Rita Gupta has been announced as a finalist for the Hampshire Professional of the Year at the Venus Awards! At LGFL Ltd, we’re really proud of Rita’s many achievements for her clients and the local community, so we thought we’d highlight a few of them.

What shall I tell teacher? Going back to school after divorce

back to school on spelling tiles

A new term, a new timetable, a new home routine. Five helpful tips for newly divorced parents on how to help the kids cope with the life changes divorce inevitably brings.

Our local charitable activity

Local charity Spotlight

Director Anne Leiper introduces a local charity that we enthusiastically support, the Spotlight Centre in Popley Basingstoke.

From our social media:


Watershed Supreme Court Ruling

Pension entitlement equality for same sex spouses and partners ruled by Supreme Court.


How does your pension split

3% increase in divorcing couples seeking to split their pension pots in the past year.


Divorce classes in Utah for kids

Talking with children about divorce can be difficult if it directly affects them. These classes in Ohio seem a good idea for general education.


Marriage is like a lottery

But even if the probabilities aren't in favour of having a successful marriage, these three lawyers have some tips they believe could help bring that number up, or at least make things easier if you succumb to the odds and end up in their office.


Just what do you say and do?

Want to help your friend going through a divorce? Here’s 5 ways how:


Who’s place tomorrow?

A great calendar to help co-parenting families. Kids love magnet badges.


Divorce in the workplace

Dealing with divorce is sticky in any situation, dealing with it in the workplace has its own unique set of issues.


The Skype Dads

Is a video call an adequate substitute for a seeing your children in person? Some judges seem to think so.


Who gets the dog?

Break-up agony? It’s the doggie divorce that really hurts.


Improving the experience for victims in court

In many courts, traditionally victims and witnesses are asked to wait in sparse, unfriendly surroundings. So HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has invested £80,000 in victim and witness waiting rooms in five courts across the country – making a number of changes, including the addition of children’s toys.


Tug-of-love children ‘face Brexit limbo’

International Committee Chair Daniel Eames from Resolution quoted on impact of Brexit on family law. Delays on a deal, or no deal at all, could put British children into legal limbo.

And finally

Rita’s book reviews - a roundup

Our Director Rita Gupta has been reviewing children's books which help them to better understand divorce and other family law issues.