Getting an award? Be careful whom you thank…

Microphone looking over seating

The split between Scottish actor Ewan McGregor and his production designer wife was announced last October. It came as no real surprise to Hollywood, where the on-set relationship between Mr McGregor and his ‘Fargo’ co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been growing for months.

However what did surprise everyone was McGregor choosing to thank both his estranged wife Eve Mavrakis and his new partner in his acceptance speech for the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Limited Series. After thanking Eve, “Who always stood by me for 22 years”, McGregor went on to thanks Ms Winstead for her part in landing him the role in ‘Fargo’.

His estranged wife was reportedly not best pleased, saying; “No, I did not like his speech. For the same reasons you are here asking me about it. I am not going to say any more.”

Irreconcilable differences

McGregor has reportedly cited “irreconcilable differences’ in his divorce petition filed in the US just days after the award ceremony. Website TMZ reported that McGregor wants joint custody of the couple’s three youngest children, while Mavrakis wants sole custody with visiting rights for McGregor.

However, we were pleased to read that Ms Mavrakis said in an interview with the Sun on Sunday; “It’s disappointing and upsetting but my main concern is our four children are OK.”

Children in the spotlight

With such a famous father, it will be hard for the couple’s four children - Clara, Ester, Jamyan and Anouk - not to be affected by what will inevitably become a much-scrutinised and reported divorce. McGregor also has an impressive back catalogue of successful films to his name, including ‘Trainspotting’, three Star Wars films, ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘Angels and Demons’ and ‘Black Hawk Down’, his net worth will be quite considerable.

However, it will probably be more modest when compared to the massive award of £453 million, made in 2016 to the wife of a Russian oil billionaire. The court ordered Farkhad Akhmedo to give 41.5% of his wealth to his former wife Tatiana Akhmedova. However, Ms Akhmedova was back in court this week claiming that she had received ‘nothing from the husband’ apart from some minor UK assets including sporting guns and a car.

Be careful what you say…

It’s an example of how an acrimonious divorce can result in major delays in settling, and the importance of not antagonising the other party. Something Mr McGregor might have thought about before thanking two significant others in one speech.

If you are not sure of quite what to say (or not say) in certain family or social situations, do seek our advice. Being both considerate and measured when introducing new partners to your children and your estranged spouse should help ease tensions. Sensitivity is the key, and when aligned with legal advice, can ensure a better outcome for all parties.