“Love and respect”: celebrity divorces of 2023

2023 has seen some major Hollywood A listers divorce after decades with their spouses. Many announced the decision to divorce on Instagram, with many citing their “love and kindness” for their soon-to-be-ex, even before the omnipresent requests for privacy.

From X-Men to ex-spouse

Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman and his wife if 27 years, Deborra-lee Furness, announced their divorce in a statement to celebrity magazine People in September 2023.

“Our journey now is shifting and we have decided to separate to pursue our individual growth. Our family has been and always will be our highest priority. We undertake this next chapter with gratitude, love, and kindness.”


”Irreconcilable differences" after 14 months for Britney and Sam

Only 14 months after their wedding in June 2022, Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari filed for divorce. Despite him being prominent in the campaign to release her from her conservatorship, it seems their relationship has reached an end, with Asghari citing "irreconcilable differences" when filing for divorce.

In his statement on Instagram, Asghari said:

"After six years of love and commitment to each other, my wife and I have decided to end our journey together. We will hold on to the love and respect that we have for each other and I wish her the best always. … Asking for privacy seems ridiculous so I will just ask for everyone including media to be kind and thoughtful."

The couple have, according to Asgahri, put prenups in place. When the couple got engaged, he joked on social media that:

“Of course we’re getting ironclad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.”


Meryl Streep: together but apart

Academy award winning actress Meryl Streep and husband Don Gummer had already been separated for six years when they made their separation more widely known in October 2023. A statement from a representative said that;

“While they will always care for each other, they have chosen lives apart.”

Streep once said of her relationship:

“It sure isn’t easy being married to an actress. But if you give each other space, you also get closeness. And time is still the best thing we can give each other nowadays.”

Streep and Gummer had been married for 45 years and have four children and five grandchildren.


Dancing and divorce

After 11 years of marriage, Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have separated amid rumours of Millipied having an extra marital affair. The couple met when he taught her to dance for her role in the ballet movie “Black Swan”.

As an unidentified source informed “Us Weekly” magazine,

“After news of his affair came out, they’ve been trying to work on their marriage but are currently on the outs.”


Like father like son?

It is very rare that serving political leaders separate when actually in office, but Canadian PM Justin Trudeau did so by ending his 18-year marriage to Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

An official statement from the PM’s office explained that:

“They have worked to ensure that all legal and ethical steps with regards to their decision to separate have been taken, and will continue to do so moving forward. They remain a close family and Sophie and the Prime Minister are focused on raising their kids in a safe, loving and collaborative environment."

In a statement released on Instagram, Justin and Sophie said the decision to separate had come after “Many meaningful and difficult conversations”.

Remarkably, Justin Trudeau is following in his own father’s footsteps. Pierre Elliott Trudeau separated from his wife when Prime Minister in 1977 (his first term in office), and the couple later divorced in 1983 during Trudeau senior’s second term.


Lost election, lost husband?

Trudeau wasn’t the only world leader separating, however. Finland’s former Prime Minister, who married her husband whilst serving as PM in August 2020, separated from her husband after losing the general election in April 2023.


The Grande / Gomez Pre-Nup

After just two years of marriage, pop star Ariana Grande has divorced husband Dalton Gomez. According to filed court documents, the financial settlement will be in line with the couple’s pre-nup agreement.

With an estimated personal worth of around $240million, Ms Grande has also requested:

“Miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects (and) earnings and accumulations of petitioner before marriage, during marriage, and from and after the date of separation.”


“Having to participate”: Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner

Another major Hollywood couple decided to go separate ways when Ms Baumgartner filed for divorce after being married to Kevin Costner for 19 years.

Mr Costner’s representative released a somewhat loaded statement that:

“Circumstances beyond his control have transpired which have resulted in Mr. Costner having to participate in a dissolution of marriage action. We ask that his, Christine’s, and their children’s privacy be respected as they navigate this difficult time.”

In their own statement, the couple said they had come to:

“An amicable and mutually agreed upon resolution of all issues pertaining to their divorce proceedings."


“The difficult decision to divorce”: Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

The “Legally Blonde” star and her husband divorced after nearly 12 years of marriage. The couple issued a carefully worded statement with a plea for privacy for them and their son:

“It is with a great deal of care and consideration that we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We have enjoyed so many wonderful years together and are moving forward with deep love, kindness, and mutual respect for everything we have created together.”

“Our biggest priority is our son and our entire family as we navigate this next chapter. These matters are never easy and are extremely personal. We truly appreciate everyone’s respect for our family’s privacy at this time.”


Your divorce, m’lord?

Star of “Downton Abbey” and “Paddington” films, Hugh Bonneville and his wife Lulu Williams separated in October after 25 years of marriage. Sadly, it looks as if their decision to renew their vows in the Graceland chapel in Las Vegas failed to secure a lasting commitment.


Don't Look Back In Anger: Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald

Oasis singer and rock icon separated from his wife of 22 years in January. Hopefully the singer, famous for his outspoken views, will take advice from his own hit song title.


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