Pension equality, divorce petition forms and a charity: our August round up of news

toybox same sex couple and forms

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


From our blog:


All husbands are not equal: the Walker pension case

same sex couple equal heterosexual couple the Walker pension case

How a Supreme Court ruling could ensure Mr Walker receives the same pension payment as a surviving same sex spouse as a female spouse would. The difference? £45,000 a year.


The new divorce petitions: why you should still consult a family lawyer

New Divorce petitions forms

The new divorce petition forms seem to offer an easier way to represent yourself in your divorce case. However, some expert legal advice will help you decide if self-representation is right for you, your family and your budget.

LGFL Ltd international charitable activity knew

Street child with baskets Toybox Charity

Director Rita Gupta explains why LGFL Ltd have chosen to support Toybox, a charity working to improve the lives of street children across the world

From our social media:


The sensible way forward

Public divorce cases can have a devastating effect on the children concerned. So much so, this just urged Petra Ecclestone and her estranged husband James Stunt to agree their divorce in private, as he warned of the potential effect on their children of a public hearing.

The judge suggested "the sensible way forward" was for both sides to reach a reasonable compromise without them having to publicly give evidence and be cross-examined.


Rising trend from divorces: Divorce vacations!

When the divorce is finalised many are celebrating with exotic holidays. Rather than tears and pity these holidays mark the start of something new for divorcees.


Divorce and property

Impact of divorce on a property under joint ownership. Something to consider when buying a home.


Help for children in Singapore courts

In Singapore Lawyer Amolat Singh, a child representative appointed by the courts to give an impartial voice to children caught in acrimonious divorce cases.


Stress of divorce and dementia

An interesting article from The Times about the connection of #divorce and dementia.


Self perception

Divorce isn’t all bad – sometimes it can help you better understand yourself.


North of the border

Just how different is the law between Scotland and England for divorce?


IVF and divorce effects

A new study conducted on tens of thousands of couples has disproven claims that fertility treatments lead to higher divorce rates.

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