Child Contact over Christmas – get it sorted now

Christmas can be a stressful time for divorced or separated parents, especially when it comes to organising child contact (custody) over the festivities. The holidays will disrupt any normal routine, and with the added pressure for children to spend time with extended family as well as their parents, the result can be a very stressful time for all.


girl and presentsMany single parents dread having to contact their ex-partners directly to discuss the arrangements over the holidays, as it can inevitably drag up past issues and arguments. As a result, some resort to court orders, which are both costly and time-consuming, especially with limited court time available in December.

At Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers, we can help you avoid all that by arranging your child care schedule via correspondence. We work with you to lay out your proposals for Christmas child custody arrangements clearly and concisely in a letter that comes from our offices, not your home address. We find that ex-partners often welcome this structured approach, which means everyone can plan ahead for a fun Christmas period.

However, if court proceedings become necessary as a last resort, we can work on these swiftly and efficiently.

If we can help you with child custody arrangement letters this Christmas, or indeed any holiday period, just contact us, We can arrange such letters very quickly, and a call now could save everyone a lot of hassle at an already busy time of year.