Children in court, divorce costs, & paperwork: our September round up of news

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

DIY Divorce costs


Many DIY divorce kits lead you to believe that the costs are fixed and simple. However, the truth is that divorces are often complex, and going the DIY route can cost you dearly further down the line.




These are some of the simple reasons divorce petitions are rejected:
• No court fee enclosed
• Details of marriage incorrect
• Cited facts in Part 5 do not match the statement of the case made in Part 6
• No marriage certificate included, or a photocopy (not certified copy) included
• No addresses given for all parties





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Children as witnesses in court: the jury is still out
Studies taken over a nine-year period show that over half of child witnesses do not understand the questions they are asked. What’s more, half of child witnesses do not tell the court when they have difficulties understanding the questions. 5% of child witnesses thought the lawyers were being sarcastic, rude or aggressive. So is it a good idea to have child witnesses?


From our social media:

American DIY #law website plans video game to assist litigants-in-person. But will it pose more questions than help?
Divorced parents have many issues to discuss about their children. This calls for real co-parenting.
Divorce proceedings can be a costly affair. Selling a wedding dress on eBay is not that usual. Except this ex-brides clearly states it is to fund her divorce. Well it seems to have paid off for her - bids are quite high.
The effect on children of divorce is often much stronger than often stated. Latest Swedish study discusses the toll on kids.
Parents who give their children up for state care in Britain are facing legal battles as their home countries object
If your marriage ends you should immediately take steps to ensure your interests are protected and your estate plan reflects your new marital status. What should you change? In a word: Everything. That is according to this article from Forbes.
The saying goes 'happy wife, happy life,' but there are a number of reasons why unhappy men are choosing to file for divorce.
Using social media to show off under the guise of "sharing" news – is even helping fuel marital breakups as more couples succumb to pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations.
Some guidance on how to be an acceptable mother !!
If you are travelling to another country with a child and are not that child’s parent, or if you and the child have different surnames, you may need to bring extra documents with you to establish your relationship.
Don't forget that men can be victims too and the stigma attached to this can prevent many men from coming forward. Seek help is the advice and don't suffer in silence.
Big Bang star Mayim Bialik talks about life after her divorce. "divorce is not the end to a family, just the cookie-cutter idea of a nuclear family."