Making Christmas child arrangements easier

Child and mother decorating Christmas tree

Where will your children be on Christmas Day? Organising child arrangements over the holidays is important to ensure the season of goodwill remains just that.

Christmas should a time of magic and wonder for children, but for their separated or divorced parents, the holiday can be a time of high emotions and stress if child arrangements are not made in good time.

Most parents would agree that the ideal scenario is for children to spend quality time with each parent over the holidays, so that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy special moments such as opening presents, sharing a slap-up Christmas meal or having fun in the winter sun.

Plan for an enjoyable Christmas for all

That level of sharing will involve pre-planning and mutual agreement well in advance, and account for time spent with grandparents and extended family too. Ideally, it should be part of a year-long plan that covers all school holidays and key dates such as New Year’s Eve, to ensure fairness and parity in child care and each parent’s social life!

However, many newly-single parents put off contacting their ex-partners to discuss Christmas arrangements to the very last minute, as the discussion can resurrect past issues and differences of opinion. Some parents resort to costly and time-consuming court orders, but these must be done as soon as possible due to limited court time availability in December.

Making arrangements by letter

At LGFL Ltd, we can help you and your ex agree on Christmas child arrangements by letter. Putting the details in writing will confirm any decisions made and significantly reduce the level of personal contact required between you and your ex-partner. Making arrangements via correspondence is usually more efficient, and can be a compromise as opposed to an order being imposed upon you.

For many of our separated or divorced clients, our child arrangement letters are a key part of their Christmas planning. However, if court proceedings do become necessary, we can work on progressing these swiftly and efficiently. So if we can help you with child arrangement letters this Christmas, just contact us.

Smoothing the way

The build-up to Christmas is just as much part of the fun as the actual day itself. With a little careful time-planning before the actual holidays start, children can enjoy shopping with each parent, decorating two home (and trees) and making sure that Santa has a mince pie and a carrot (for Rudolph) ready and waiting at both houses. Equally, small gestures such as helping children make a Christmas present or card for the other parent can help smooth relations, create a spirit of goodwill and reinforce positive messages of co-parenting for children.

Need help with Christmas child arrangements?

Call us at LGFL Ltd today. We can arrange child arrangement letters very quickly, and a call to us now could save everyone a lot of hassle at an increasingly busy time of year.