How to communicate with your ex-partner


Our new video contains top tips from Director & Co-founder Rita Gupta on how to communicate with your ex-partner during a divorce.


One of the most common issues that I come across is clients telling me that they're finding it really difficult to communicate with their ex-partner. So, here's my top tips on how best to do it.

Tip number one:

Limit communications to what's actually essential and necessary. For example, the children.


Tip number two:

Be business-like and factual in any communication, whether verbal or written.


Tip number three:

Don't just hit the Send button. Reflect and be measured in all of your communications.


Tip number four:

Be really careful about remote communication such as text and emails. It's very easy to be drawn into a text war, which simply isn't appropriate.


Tip number five:

Don't discuss your private life on Facebook or other social media platforms. Not only is it completely inappropriate but it also could damage your case.


Tip number six:

Use calm and rational language. Avoid using antagonistic phrases which are simply there to provoke a reaction.