Acts of Kindness, news and Christmas: our round-up of news for December 2018

December roundup news for LGFL

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Helping families in need in Berkshire: our latest Act of Kindness

Rita at First Days charityOur latest Act of Kindness, and how the First Days charity supports local families in need with practical and sustainable supplies of clothes, including school uniforms.

10th anniversary AoKs: a year of Acts of Kindness by LGFL Ltd

Acts of Kindness from LGFL

Our 10 Acts of Kindness for 2018, small scale donations to ten very different charities that make a real difference.

Our article explains why.


From our social media:

Family lawyers and campaign group push for divorce law reforms

We're urging the British Government to reform current divorce legislation in order to protect the long-term interests of children of separating couples. The Government’s consultation on reforming the legal requirements for divorce is open until 10 December.


In it for the long haul: why divorce rates are falling fast

An interesting article from the Guardian
“So, divorce is declining. But why? Is it a new era of tolerance, or poverty? Plenty of people are too poor to get divorced. Two households are more expensive than one. And a later marriage – which is fashionable – often means a more effective marriage, because the child’s impossible dreams are further off – and smaller.”


An even split: there’s no place for gender bias in divorce

An interesting Times article
No longer is it unusual for a man to give up work or work part-time to care for the children. But Good Divorce Week, a campaign by Resolution, offers a chance to reflect on where inequalities remain.


‘It’s a man’s problem’: Patrick Stewart and the men fighting to end domestic violence

Stewart, David Challen and the Hart brothers know the devastation abuse can wreak – and are challenging the idea that it is a women’s issue.


Domestic violence charity uses powerful reversible poems to highlight hidden nature of abuse

Yes - these poems do show how easily abuse can be hidden.
Cleverly crafted poems, to bring home the importance of this subject.


Let the public access courts through smartphones, says Lord Chief Justice

“There is no reason why litigants of the future should not be able to attend court through an app on their smartphone, the Lord Chief Justice has suggested.”

Book clinic: which books can help me weather my parents’ divorce?

Often many books written for children of parents going through divorce are aimed at the younger bracket. This article is in response to a request for books from a 17 yr old. A few good suggestions, and why.


'I was married and divorced in my 20s'

This article discusses the result of divorces on 20 somethings. Whether they felt ‘ashamed’ about their divorces or not. And how their attitude to marriage has changed.


Appeal court rules McLaren driver's prenuptial deal is 'unfair'

Pre-nups are not yet legally binding in the UK. However, they can be taken into consideration as an important factor by judges within a divorce. BUT
"the Court ultimately retains discretion as to what amounts to a fair settlement."


People are sharing the songs they'd play at their divorce and they're hilarious

People choose carefully and love to share their ‘first dance’ song. Now it’s popular to share your divorce songs. Makes and interesting playlist.


Refuge uses powerful reversible poems to highlight hidden nature of domestic abuse

Yes - these poems do show how easily abuse can be hidden. Cleverly crafted poems, to bring home the importance of this subject.


Couples who have separated... but stayed best friends

Divorced but stayed best of friends. It can be done.


Family lawyers support removing divorce from Constitution

An interesting situation for Ireland. Irish family lawyers believe divorce has no place in the Constitution and that it is best left to elected representatives to take decisions and decide what is best for the population.


What happens when your child becomes violent … with you

Domestic abuse - it’s always the adults.


5 Tips for creating happy holidays and New Year, divorce and all

Some tips that might help if you’re in this situation.


Divorce courses become obligatory for Danish parents splitting up

April 1st 2019 will be the day that a new law comes into effect that means Danish parents seeking #divorce will have to go through an obligatory course first. Do you think we need this here?


And finally

Sorry we missed this.

May the force be with the Baroness! Lady Hale to star as Yoda in space-themed play at Gray's Inn