Divorce and the SEN child: our new video series

Earlier in 2023, LGFL's Managing Director Rita Gupta and family law barrister Andrew Grime had an-depth discussion on the emotional, financial and practical complexities of separation and divorce for SEN children and their parents.

Andrew is a specialist family law barrister from Pump Court Chambers who deals with predominantly children work. He has a particular interest in cases which involve children with additional needs, including educational needs, learning disabilities, and social and communication disorders.

Between them, Rita and Andrew shed light on key issues for separating parents and their SEN child. In fact, there was so much information, we have split their discussion over a five-part video series, "Divorce and the SEN child". You can watch them here, or anytime at LGFL's YouTube channel playlist.


Divorce and the SEN Child: the videos

Part 1: Family breakdowns and children with special needs

Rita Gupta introduces this new video new series focussing on family separation, divorce, and children with special needs.


Part 2: A whole level of emotional complexity

Rita and Andrew discuss the "emotional complexity" of separation and divorce for children with Special Needs.



Part 3: Why child arrangements need to be child-focussed

Rita and Andrew discuss child arrangements, and explore the profound effect of changes in living arrangement after divorce and separation on a child with Special Educational Needs. They also explain why the traditional approach of alternate weekends is not child-focussed, and suggest alternative approaches.


Part 4: Financial arrangement and separating parents with a SEN child

Rita Gupta and Andrew discuss financial arrangements and divorce settlements for separating parents with a child with autism and/or special needs (SEN). They explore issue around two main areas:

  • The family home
  • The resident parent and work


Part 5: Spousal and child maintenance agreements

Rita and Andrew discuss divorce spousal and child maintenance agreements for a child with Special Education Needs.


Our focus for 2023: separation and SEN children

As outlined in our recent article, in 2023:

“We’ll be writing about the concerns, issues and unique requirements of separating parents with SEN children. We’ll be talking with autism specialists and charities to increase our understanding, and sharing these as podcasts.”

As Andrew says:

“Parental separation can change a child’s living and care situation, but it can also have a real effect on their mental health. As family lawyers we need to be proactive, vigilant, and inquisitive and alert to signs of change.”

Read our article “Divorce and SEN children: our new focus for 2023”


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