Divorce in the news: why it’s all change – and no change

The subject of divorce is seldom out of the news, but the very process of divorce has been hitting the headlines recently. Divorce is one of our key specialties here at LGFL, and we invest
considerable time in keeping ourselves up to date. Partner Anne Leiper gives her views on two recent developments, and how they might affect current and future divorce cases.

Divorce papersAll rise for the digital court

The times they are a changin’ for divorce, but not fast enough for President Sir James Munby of the Family Law Bar Association. Sir James considers that many court proceedings should move online, including divorce. Applicants would fill in an online questionnaire to capture information. Hearings could be conducted online, right down to final hearings, and make use of video conferencing techniques.
However, Sir James was aware that online applicants would “Increasingly be a lay person bereft of professional assistance “, which means they would not have the benefit of professional legal advice or representation.
This is our main concern here at LGFL, as we know the overwhelming advantages our professional advice gives our clients during divorce proceedings over those who have taken none. In a recent speech, Sir James cited the role of Family Bar members to “Stand up for, defend and protect some of the weakest and most vulnerable in our society.” We will continue to stand up for our clients, their families and their children, and that won’t change whether we are in court or onscreen.

Complex divorces cost more

The Legal Services Board published a report citing the wide differences in the costs of divorce work by lawyers. We are not surprised. Many law firms offer reduced fee divorce services for uncontested cases, but less often for more complex cases, especially where children are involved. Costs will inevitably rise again should the case go to court, as so many do (see above!).
At LGFL, we offer reduced fee divorces for straightforward cases where full financial disclosure is made and there are no children involved. For divorce cases involving children and complex financial arrangements, we need to find the best solution for you and your family, so we quote you a bespoke price for that level of service.
Our service is unashamedly personal to you, and we work for your best interests, not for a quick resolution. So, if you are looking for divorce lawyers who are transparent with costs and give your case their full attention, expertise and energy, call us first.