Divorce: timing is everything

As George Clooney discovered over New Year, rumours of divorce can spring up like unwelcome mushrooms just when you least expect them. Mr Clooney took the opportunity to set the record straight and quash any such suggestions when collecting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes, and the celebrity gossip-mongers have since moved on.

Rumors WhisperWebHowever, if your marriage or civil partnership is breaking up, loose talk and gossip can unsettle your confidence at a very emotional and vulnerable moment in both your lives. This is where access to professional advice and services can help give you clarity and focus in a time of potential turmoil.
At Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers, we’ve found that a full discussion about the actual process of divorce helps any clients considering proceedings to find a way forward. Simply talking through the legal process, disclosure requirements, and timescales offers you invaluable insight, and enables you to make a more informed decision based on professional advice.
We also understand that time is of the essence, so we deal with all divorce cases in a timely fashion. However, in our eyes there is no such thing as a ‘quickie divorce’; this is a serious matter that deserves due care and attention, and there are certain legal timescales no amount of cash can hurry along. So, we ensure that your divorce proceedings progress at the optimum pace for you, and not for the other party’s convenience, for example.
Key to this is our commitment to same day responses where possible, so you are kept informed. This is particularly important when either you or your spouse/partner are based abroad. Effective communication ensures both parties are kept ‘in the loop’ regarding progress or the next round of legal proceedings, and frustration levels kept to a minimum.
If you would like to discuss the option of divorce or separation, we offer a free 30-minute consultation at our discreet offices in Eversley, Hampshire. If you’d like to meet with us, just call to make an appointment.