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Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse

Domestic violence can take many forms. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or financial. Women, men and children can all be the victims of domestic abuse or emotional abuse, regardless of age, race, background or marital status.

Abuse does not discriminate and is never acceptable. As experienced domestic abuse lawyers, we have the expertise to deal with your matter as an emergency, or in the most appropriate way to keep you and any children protected.

Obtaining an injunction

Our sympathetic, experienced Directors can advise you on obtaining an injunction, a type of court order that prevents a person acting in a particular way towards you. An emergency injunction is a court order made without the prior knowledge of the recipient in cases of domestic or emotional abuse.

Need an emergency injunction? Call us today and keep yourself and your family safe - 01189 735521.

Non-molestation orders legal advice

A non-molestation order is to protect you from an abuser who is:

  • Using or threatening to use violence against you (physical abuse)
  • Intimidating, harassing or pestering you (verbal, emotional or mental abuse)
  • Communicating with you (if applicable)

Powers of arrest are not now attached to non-molestation orders, and any breaches are dealt with as criminal offences by the criminal courts.

Occupation orders in cases of abusive relationships

We can also advise you on obtaining an occupation order that can lead to:

  • A perpetrator being required to leave the family home
  • Suspending their rights to live in or visit the home
  • Controlling and dividing the living areas of the home
  • Providing an 'exclusion zone' around your home

An occupation order can therefore regulate occupation within the home, and lead to the payment of outgoings to a property. A power of arrest can be attached to an occupation order, which means that any breach of an order can lead to a person being arrested and being brought before the county court to deal with the breach.

Warning letters and correspondence

We can also write warning letters on your behalf to a party and direct you to relevant local and national support agencies.

Prohibited steps order

A prohibited steps order can prevent a partner taking a child out of your care and control or taking a particular course of action. This order is often used when the person trying to take the children away is normally allowed to have care when control of them.

If you are a victim of any form of domestic abuse or emotional abuse, whether male or female, please contact us at LGFL Ltd to arrange an urgent consultation.

If you are in any immediate danger, always call 999 for police assistance.

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