Step parenting, long marriages, & Reading: our round-up of news for February 2020

LGFL January Roundup of News

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Adultery, marriage, divorce and Kirk Douglas

Woman with shh fingers and hand around man's head - adultery


The late Kirk Douglas was married to his second wife for 65 years, despite having many affairs. Some marriages do last after infidelity, but for most, it's the end of the road.

Our new article explores some of implications of citing adultery in divorce, and how soon that could all change.


Step parents: Rio and Kate shine a light on the challenges

woman in kitchen stressed at the change in lifestyle becoming a step parent


If you're part of the estimated 7 million step families in the UK, the recent Rio and Kate Ferdinand documentary may have struck a chord.






From our social media:

Domestic abusers winning time with children by accusing mothers of parental alienation, study finds

More needs to be done to correctly define and recognise 'parental alienation'.

Abusive men are winning time with their children by accusing mothers who have won custody of turning their child against them, a new report has found.


Legal services ‘worth £60bn to UK economy’ - report

That's a lot of money to the economy!


Children's Mental Health Week

1 in 8 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health condition. It’s Children's Mental Health Week this week to help raise awareness of the importance of children and young people’s mental health.


I've gained a best friend’: readers on getting on with ex-partners after divorce

Divorce doesn't mean it's impossible to be friends. This story shows that it can work.


Divorce Bill House of Lords Debate

The debate was earlier in the month today - hopefully the end is near!


HMCTS shuts heavily criticised divorce centres

Due to more work shifting online, the Gazette has learned. HM Courts & Tribunals Service has closed centres which were opened in 2015 but have been heavily criticised by senior judges for delays and inefficiencies.


Larry King says 26 year age difference between him and wife ‘Became an issue’

TV host Larry King said: “When there are moments of unhappiness in a marriage, you can overcome it at 40, but at my age, it became a lot.

“I wanted to be happy. Separating was of course difficult. But there is nothing worse than arguing.”


Archers storyline reflects need for surrogacy law reform

The Archers do keep up to date with current issues.


More than 90,000 people have signed a petition calling on TV networks to do more to support victims of sexual violence.

Rape Crisis sums up the importance of support: If more TV networks agree to adopt these simple new guidelines it could have an enormous impact for survivors of sexual violence across the country.


Sharing today’s divorce tip from the child’s perspective

The tips are created by The Family Justice Young People’s Board members, who all have first have experience of family law proceedings.

You can find more information at Cafcass


UK’s youngest female judge promoted to full district status aged 34

Good to see young women being recognised.



Reading's hidden history you probably walk past every day without spotting

Sharing something on our town Reading - some great sights if you seek them out.