Court reporting, SEN Children and opportunities with us: Our round-up of news for February 2023

There was a lot of news we found interesting in February 2023, so we've put a few of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:

Divorce and SEN children: our new focus for 2023


New for 2023, LGFL are creating a new series of videos and articles exploring the issues and challenges around divorce and separation for parents of SEN / special needs children.



Job Opportunities with LGFL

We have brilliant opportunities for:

at our Legal 500 boutique family law firm.



Media reporting in the family court: what does it mean for your court case?


We look at a new pilot scheme for media reporting in the family courts in England and Wales. We examine what it might mean for details of family law cases to be made public by fulfilling the scheme's aims in “Maintaining public confidence in the family justice system and promoting accountability”.



From our social media:

Media get the go-ahead to report family proceedings

New pilot scheme to allow the media to report on proceedings in the family courts starts today in pilot will begin on 30 January in Leeds, Carlisle, and Cardiff. Mrs Justice Lieven, liaison judge for the Midlands Circuit, said: "This is a big cultural change for family justice ... (It) is fundamentally about two things; promoting public confidence in the family justice system and promoting accountability.”


Sir Frederick Barclay in High Court for latest stage of money fight with ex-wife

The hearing is being staged in public and is listed as an “application by Lady Hiroko Barclay for the committal to prison of Sir Frederick Hugh Barclay”.


Slump in younger people marrying sparks calls to protect cohabiting rights

“If we recognise cohabitation as OK then we should look at legislation that supports that.”


Psychologists share key tip for a lasting relationship. Do experts agree?

Psychologists say that the act of ‘turning toward’ your partner could strengthen your relationship. Amber Raiken speaks to experts about whether they agree and what this concept means.


Alice, Darling: The film putting coercive control in the spotlight

"The film's meant to unnerve people a little bit. And pose questions."Alice, Darling is available in the UK on various streaming platforms. "


Business expert says bosses should give staff going through a marriage breakup more work

An interesting idea but not sure it would work for everyone.


How to choose which form of ADR is best for divorcing clients

Some advice for Financial Advisers from the FT Adviser.


Is 'separation marriage' key to a healthy relationship?

In Japan, 'separation marriages' or 'weekend marriages' are gaining popularity.


The Challenge of Co-Parenting an Adolescent After Divorce

Some tips on "Surviving (Your Child's) Adolescence".


Widow wins half of late husband's estate after he left everything to sons to prioritise 'male line'

Karnail Singh left everything to his two sons - and nothing to widow Harbans Kaur, or his four daughters.


Behind the closed doors that led to the Epsom College tragedy

A stark reminder that we never know what goes on behind closed doors. One thing for certain is that this is an utterly tragic case.


I know the nightmare of divorce, so here’s my guide to how to do it right

TV judge Rob Rinder has some good advice:

"First, the biggest one: if you’ve got kids there is no such thing as divorce. Yes, you’ll cease to be married — fingers crossed you’ll even find a better, bouncier other half who’ll laugh at your jokes — but never forget you’ll be connected to your ex-partner forever. There are decades of bar mitzvahs, graduations and weddings ahead of you. "


SEN children specialist schools discussion

Insightful report on BBC Breakfast this morning on the challenges facing specialist schools for SEN children. It particularly highlights the chronic lack of space in these schools' buildings, and parents having to "fight" for limited places. Also highlights the stress and frustration of parents with SEN children, including having to home-educate them for when a place at a SEN school might become available.

Well worth a watch on iPlayer - starts around 8.15am (2hr 15 mins in)


Domestic abuse: Most dangerous offenders to go on sex offenders' register

"A proposed law change will see them monitored more closely by the police, prison and probation services so they "don't fall through the cracks".

Such offenders also face being electronically tagged under measures being piloted in three UK areas."