A new office space, together for the kids: our round-up of news for February 2019

February Roundup News LGFL

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Our new office at Space Reading

Spaces Reading

As part of our continued growth, LGFL Ltd now have a dedicated, private office at Spaces Reading. Our bright, modern office is completely private, and exclusive to LGFL, and Spaces has excellent facilities including great coffee and cakes!

Meeting me there is ideal if you work in central Reading or don’t want to drive to see us at our Swallowfield office. Call me to book an appointment to discuss your family law issue, or apply for one of our free 30 minute consultations.

Why ‘staying together for the children’ may not be good for your kids

Children having tea with teddies

Why staying together for the sake of the children may not work out best for them - or you.



Self-determination: transgender people and the Gender Recognition Act

Gender Recognition colours

The ability to Self-ID for trans people is part of a set of proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. We explore the background to the proposals and the issues they raise.


From our social media:

Domestic violence: how to help someone you think is being abused by a partner

It can be difficult to identify when it’s happening to someone close to you, least of all to know how to help them.


New divorce regulation's for the EU come into power

They concern divorce settlements. These new rules will make it easier and cheaper to divide joint assets and provide some relief to people in difficult circumstances, said the EU's Justice Commissioner


It's not just physical violence

This article highlights just that.
Although there are no national statistics, studies of abusive relationships suggest economic abuse is present in up to 99% of them.


LASPO review: the profession reacts

The Legal Aid Practitioners Group welcomed many of the 'positive' recommendations but disagreed with the ministry's conclusion that the network of advice providers is sustainable.


Surviving Valentine's

The pressure of Valentine's Day can cause many relationships to buckle and breakdown;
This article had some advice on surviving V-Day if you’re going through divorce.


GP surgeries to be provided with in-house lawyers for patients

Go to the GP and get legal aid at the same time!

Call for crackdown on spouses who fail to respond to divorce petitions

Researchers found that in 14 per cent of the more than 100,000 divorce cases in England and Wales each year one spouse failed to respond, which can significantly slow the process.


Podcast: What to Do About Toxic Relationships

What do we do when we realise that we're in such a relationship? Listen for some excellent advice and information.


The Guardian view on family law:

Transparency is in the public interest.


A great scheme for students!: "Ask a Justice"

The scheme sees students have one-to-one informal chats with a justice about their career and experiences, while also learning about the Supreme Court's role within the legal system. It aims to help students aged approximately 14-18 who may struggle to get to Westminster to see the court in person.


Abuse and coercive control is perpetrated by both sexes

However, while one in six men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives, only one in 20 will ever seek any help.


How far women in law have come now

Lady Arden: I was told I couldn't be a barrister because solicitors would never instruct a woman.


Could this be an indication of potential divorce?

We do love our pets!

From a sample of 1,254 people across the UK, 15 per cent of respondents said they loved their pet more than their partner.


Applications to find next Lady Hale now open

Well it will be hard to fill these shoes. But hopefully the right women will come to the fore!


Brexit 'could risk children's safety', warn commissioners

An interesting article showing another potential Brexit effect.


One way to gain law experience!

SHU Law, which it says will give students 'real life work experience' during their studies. The university claims to be the first to offer a law degree that incorporates work experience into every year of the course.


And Finally

The first 2 in our video series of tips to help you.