Legal costs, changes, and the ManKind conference: Our round-up of news for February 2022

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Crowther divorce case, legal costs and disclosure: Where did all the money go?


Was it really worth it? How a divorce case involving issues around disclosure and allegations of fraud escalated to cost a total of £2.3m for the couple, yet resulted in awards of just £350,000 each. 


Show me the paperwork: new changes in financial remedy cases


Upcoming changes in the procedure for divorce financial settlements will involve more collaboration between parties for financial remedy court hearings. Director Rita Gupta explores how this might impact your divorce case in our new article. 




ManKind conference 2021: the impact of domestic abuse on male victims


As a family law firm, we constantly review our knowledge of major issues to ensure we are up to date with current thinking. In late 2021, LGFL attended the ManKind Initiative conference on male victims of abuse for the third year running. We share the information and insights we gained in our latest article. 





From our social media:


What do you need to do after your divorce is finalised?

There may still be some admin to complete after your divorce is finalised.


What rich people would spend money on if they won the lottery

“6% of those surveyed ‘getting a divorce’ would be the first thing they’d do if they came into cash. Women were almost twice as likely to say ending their marriage would be their first priority following a windfall than men.”


Divorcee who showed ‘barefaced contempt’ for court faces jail

Wealthy divorced man sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment after defying court orders and leaving country.


What is sleep divorce and why is it such a good idea for your relationship?

A disturbed night's sleep can put anyone in a bad mood for the day. And if it's a partner's snoring or wriggling that's keeping you up, it can be enough to put a strain on the relationship. The answer, according to sleep expert and Beingwell founder James wilson (aka the Sleep Geek) could well be sleep divorce.


Family solicitor embarks on menopause campaign

Farhana Shahzady wants divorce settlements to reflect the challenges that women may face.


Big Mother is watching: What parents REALLY think about tracking their kids

In short, the survey suggests that when it comes to privacy in the family, parents are conservative


Divorces fell by 4.5% during year that coronavirus hit, says ONS

The ONS said factors, such as family courts temporarily suspending operations, “may have affected the number and timeliness of completed divorces” but it is difficult to know to what extent.


What is gaslighting and what are the signs?

Coercive control and gaslighting.

The term “gaslighting” has been used in a published High Court judgement in the family courts for the first time.