Had a heart attack? Try not to get divorced.

If you’ve already suffered one heart attack, you are more likely to have another after a divorce than if you stayed married.


divorce raises the risk of heart attackThat’s the surprising finding from a new study in Sweden. The study tracked 30,000 men and women who had already suffered a heart attack. Of those, 2,405 had suffered a second attack or stroke. Overall, those who were divorced had a 14% greater risk of a second episode.
The researchers were uncertain as to why this happened. They speculated it could be due to divorcees not looking after their health without a partner to help them, or perhaps the distress caused by the divorce itself.


Stay wealthy, stay healthy

It seems that if you get divorced, the best way to reduce those raised odds is to keep as much wealth as possible. Those with the highest income had a 36% lower chance of a second heart attack. Again, the researchers were unsure if this was due to better living conditions, or that the lower socioeconomic brackets were less likely to comply with medication regimes, as previous research had suggested.

At LGFL, we’ll do our best to reduce your risk by ensuring you receive the most advantageous financial settlement possible from your divorce, to help support you and your family as you move forward.


Wealth = happiness?

Not that wealth itself can buy you happiness, as the numerous celebrity breakups and billionaire breakups prove. Neither does high social status, as the recent announcement of the impending divorce of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway after 14 years of marriage to Ari Behn shows.


The Princess has been quoted as saying her divorce is “Difficult and tedious”, but that she and her ex-husband were “Ending the marriage but we are remaining together in parenthood.” Like many a divorcing Royal before her, the Princess hopes that the media will leave her family in peace, as:


“Children need time to digest, grieve and find new footing – each one separately. We are just people, too.”


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