Divorce Day, Celebrity splits and Recruitment: Our round-up of news for January 2023

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Post-Christmas relationship breakdowns and the myth of Divorce Day 2023


An annual Divorce Day may be a myth, but tensions in the Christmas period can propel those in fragmented relationships towards an inevitable separation. LGFL Director Rita Gupta explores why.


Celebrity splits of 2022


How celebrity couples announced their divorces on social media in 2022 - interesting comments and advice too.




Family Lawyer Vacancy


We’re seeking a dynamic FAMILY LAWYER (1+yrs PQE) to join our Legal 500 & Chambers ranked team in Reading. You’ll be working alongside our two company directors, dealing with complex and high value matters.





From our social media:

Media get the go-ahead to report family proceedings

New pilot scheme to allow the media to report on proceedings in the family courts starts today in pilot will begin on 30 January in Leeds, Carlisle, and Cardiff. 

People fail to recognise the so-called ‘little things’’: Why relationships fail and how we can save them

Last year, around 42% of marriages in the UK ended in divorce. So what is the secret to making relationships last?

Parents going through a divorce could soon be given time off from work under a new scheme recently revealed in Parliament

It came came after a study showed that 90 per cent of workers surveyed said their work was badly affected when they divorced, while 95 per cent said their mental health also suffered

Pensions still not part of most divorces

"A study by M&G Wealth reveals that 69% of men and 71% of women did not receive any of their partner’s pension."

What is co-operative parenting?

A nice explanation to help those unsure.

Do not neglect pensions in divorce settlements

There are probably various reasons behind pensions being neglected in financial settlements. Fundamentally, they all boil down to the same reason: a lack of appreciation of their true value.

5 Things to Do Before You Even Think About Getting a Divorce

Divorce is usually one of those steps you take when all else fails, but it doesn’t have to be your last resort.

The Millennial Divorce: Inside breaking up when you own property together

Combining finances with someone you are not married to can cause difficulties. As things stand, cohabiting couples have fewer rights than married couples.

Why men are more likely to think about divorce than women

Divorce is something that men are more likely to think about than women, according to many family lawyers; because men “tend to seek a quick fix”.