Domestic Abuse, Divorce Day, Celebrity Divorces of 23 and more: Our round-up of news for Dec 23 -Jan 24

There was a lot of news we found interesting in December & January, so we've put a few of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:

“What happens next”: Rita Gupta interviewed about domestic abuse on London Live TV


Tying in with the UN campaign "16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence", LGFL Managing Director Rita Gupta discusses legal ways forward to help those suffering abuse on London Live TV.



Domestic abuse and Christmas: help is always there


If you or anyone you know are experiencing domestic violence whether self-isolating or working from home, download our new leaflet detailing organisations who can help.




Post-Christmas relationship breakdowns and the myth of Divorce Day


National Divorce Day is a myth, but the effect of Christmas holiday tensions on already fracturing relationships is very real. Our holistic, tailored approach ensures our approach is as unique as our client's circumstances.



“Love and respect”: celebrity divorces of 2023


Our celebrity divorces roundup for 2023 including Hollywood A list actors, Prime Ministers and two princesses of pop.



And from our social media streams:

"It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom:” Divorce coach reveals the secrets to a good breakup

Divorce rates spike in January, as couples across the UK agree to call it quits after Christmas


Pensions and divorce - how to split your retirement savings

A divorce can be a costly affair - and while you may be thinking about who gets the house and how to share time with the kids, pensions is also an important discussion point - but one that often gets overlooked.


Divorce Day: Cost-of-living crisis shift couples' separations into Spring

Divorce day moves this year perhaps?


Do You Have to Divorce Extended Family, Too?

Suggestions on how to navigate maintaining familial ties when you split.


No fault divorce applications done 12% on year ago

Interesting stats!


Nationwide will offer safe spaces for people experiencing domestic abuse

People will be able to use a private room and can access a phone to discreetly call for support, Nationwide Building Society said.


Rich parents insist on prenups

Pre-nups or Bank of Mum and Dad with strings attached? Article in the Times.


Emily Ratajkowski wants to pen a book on divorce

"I can't believe there aren't more books about first marriages failing. A lot of literature about divorce tends to be about families ending after children have grown up. I think so many are divorcing at younger ages, a it's such a taboo with such stigma”.


British woman still married to ‘prominent’ Indonesian businessman – judge rules

Round one to the estranged wife of wealthy Indonesian businessman in divorce fight.


Filing for divorce? Here’s why you need a good solicitor

Not just our word for it. London Loves Business suggests it too.


Wife sues ex-husband for age discrimination after he left her for a younger woman

Age discrimination on divorce?

“Discrimination claims were dismissed after the tribunal ruled that it was actually her who left the marriage and that Mr Belson’s new girlfriend is in fact older than her.”


99-year-old man divorced wife of 70 years after finding secret love letters from affair she had 60 years ago

Divorcing after 70 years of marriage- yes 70!


Magistrate given formal warning after researching defendant online

More training for magistrates required?


The day we told our children we were getting a divorce

"There was no huge moment. No Big Bang. It was 3pm on an average Tuesday afternoon when my husband Matt and I decided to go our separate ways".


Judges encouraged to embrace AI — carefully

For summarising or administrative tasks, the guidance states that judges may find AI tools useful. Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls and the country’s second most senior judge, added that AI provides “great opportunities for the justice system”, and the potential to help develop “a better, quicker and more cost-effective digital justice”.


‘TikTok changed my husband - so I’m divorcing him’

The trend of “tradwife” - or "traditional wife" - videos on Tik-Tok.


How to deal with missing your children when you’re away from them

Something many divorced parents find hard to deal with.


Coping with divorce and borderline personality disorder

One of the most daunting challenges for couples—whether married or going through a divorce—is navigating the complexities of mental health disorders. The stress of marriage and child-rearing, even for the emotionally stable, becomes astronomically harder when coupled with mental health issues.