New start, Advice, and an Unprecedented Settlement: Our round-up of news for January 2022

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

New year, new you: a fresh start [2022 edition]


Our article explores the impact Christmas can have on an already strained relationship or marriage, and how legal advice is a crucial first step towards separating and getting a divorce.


Christmas stress and New Year breakups: advice by Rita on BBC Radio Berkshire


Considering ending your relationship after the stress of the festive holidays? Take 10 minutes to listen to fellow Director Rita Gupta's  tips and information, as first heard on BBC Radio Berkshire.




“Quite unprecedented”: the ruler of Dubai and the UK divorce settlement


Lifelong security, racehorses, jewellery, school fees and more: what the record-breaking High Court divorce settlement for the ruler of Dubai and his ex-wife covers.





From our social media:


Why the date people are most likely to file for divorce is changing in 2022

With no fault divorce coming into effect on 6th April. Will divorce day be different this year?


New online course offers ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Supreme Court

Want an insight into the Supreme Court? This might just be it.

The Supreme Court is offering the public the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” and gain an understanding of the inner workings of the country’s highest court for free.


Famous exes who stayed friends

Ending a relationship is never an easy ride, and it can get even more complicated when it's under the gaze of the whole world. Nevertheless, many celebrity exes still somehow remain on good terms afterward. 


Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet just gave a masterclass in divorce announcements

The latest divorce announcement

“Their language was careful, the opposite of acrimonious. There was no blame, and if they acknowledged they had grown apart, they attributed it to a normal effect of the passage of time rather than any specific, personal change.”


Coercive behaviour: Carwyn Roberts controlled girlfriend

A shocking case.


Revealed: Hotspots for divorce as South-East men call time on their relationships

"Interesting for locations: "2021 figures show that males living in the East Midlands or the South-East are more likely to get divorced than those anywhere else in England and Wales"


Dog custody: Spain to consider pets’ welfare in divorce battles

Good news for pet owners

“Spain will now consider a pet’s welfare when couples divorce or break-up in a legal shift that strengthens the case for couples obtaining shared custody of their animals.

The decision obliges judges to consider pets as sentient beings rather than objects owned by one or the other partner.”


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver officially divorce after 10-year separation

“After a 35-year marriage and four children together, Shriver filed for divorce in 2011 after Schwarzenegger disclosed he had fathered a child with a member of their household staff years earlier.”


I Want What They Have, Divorce Edition: Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa

Great to see a very positive approach to divorce.