Valentine’s jinxes, Niagara Falls and on-line divorce: our February round up of news

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Valentine wedding


The jinx of Valentine’s Day weddings

Valentine’s Day weddings; romantic or ruinous? New research shows that couples who marry on ‘gimmick days’ are up to 36% more likely to get divorced.  








clouds Niagara Falls

Will Niagara Fall?

Is asking for a pre-nup like walking an emotional tightrope? The latest on the Niagara pre-nup divorce case in the High Court, and why when you ask for a pre-nup could be as important as its contents... 









Divorce online

Divorce online: major changes in divorce law due this month

Online divorce is moving closer, but for many couples, it could be more stressful, time consuming and ultimately costly than the current route. 




From our social media:

There will be more women on the Supreme Court bench by the end of 2017 than there were at the beginning, predicts Joshua Rozenberg QC.
Recent tax changes in the UK have also created more challenges for financial planning in terms of pension sharing on divorce.
Children returning to the nest with new partners could be fuelling divorce among older generation.
Not a pre-nuptual agreement but a post-nuptual one. Get married and then sign - is this something for everyone?


Just how long has divorce been legal? Well, in Ireland it’s only 20 years!
Eating disorders in middle aged women linked to divorce.
Adultery is not grounds for #divorce in gay & lesbian relationships, according to UK law #LGBT
When divorcing in Germany the judge may find in favour of the welfare of the dogs.



When divorcing even if you feel your financial affairs are "private business" - anonymity may not be guaranteed.



It’s London Fashion Week 


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We’re taking clients to London Fashion Week:

• Lunch • catwalk event • a style talk (Just ready for a wardrobe update) • prosecco • shopping.
We’ll even have a private till point! Queue the best dressed lawyers in Eversley!
The best way to spend a Friday.