School Fees, Pensions and Happiness: our March round up of news

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:



School fees in divorce settlements: luxury or necessity?

Chances are, that familiar school environment is the one element of stability in children’s lives that remains constant during a divorce, as everything else shifts around them. So sorting school fees as a necessity during a divorce and for settlement can be a difficult at best. Our blog discusses the reasons.








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Should "desperately unhappy" be sufficient grounds for divorce?

Is being "desperately unhappy" in your marriage sufficient reason for a divorce? LGFL partner and family law expert Rita Gupta gives her views on the divisive Court of Appeal ruling in the Tini Owens case.









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Unmarried cohabitee wins right to her former partner’s pension

While it took a Supreme Court ruling to ensure one cohabiting woman can claim her survivor's public sector pension, for many it could all be resolved by simply signing a nomination form.








From our social media:

Nice to see a father teaching his sons to be caring and gentlemanly towards their mother even if he is divorced from his wife.
It’s amazing the expense some celebrity short-live #marriages are: And the record goes to…
Moving in together - is a #CohabitationAgreement useful?
Confirmed: The Government has no plans for ‘no-fault’ divorce


A TED Talk on abusive relationships from the inside. Addressing misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break the silence.
New Book recently released: Pride and Joy: A Guide for LGBT Parents “We wrote the book not just to help and encourage others, but to provide a bit of insight into what’s it like to be an LGBT family today. It’s very conversational, almost like a dinner table with lots of people chatting and sharing their stories and experiences.”
The Supreme court backs £18,600 threshold but acknowledges the rule has caused hardship for thousands. The threshold is part of the government’s drive to reduce net migration below 100,000.



It is being felt the world over. Will it affect divorces too?



March 8th was International Women’s Day


Smalls For All


Smalls for All

There are so many ways to celebrate this day for women. One of our causes this year is: Smalls for All, which collects and distributes underwear to women and children in Africa.

In many more remote or poorer parts of Africa, that is far from the case. Underwear is a luxury that many people just cannot afford or it isn’t easily available.

Giving pants and bras may seem like a small thing, but it can make a life-changing difference, for example having pants can help teenage girls complete their education without having to miss school each month during their period.