Summer holidays, School fees and Pre-nups: Our round-up of news for June 2024

There was a lot of news we found interesting in June 2024, so we've put a few of the news posts on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:


Chasing the sun: summer holidays and parental permissions


If you are a divorced or separated parent with shared parental responsibility and planning a holiday abroad with your children this summer, this article is for you. We look at why you will require your ex-partner's permission, and how a formal letter from a family lawyer can make the whole process of agreeing arrangement a whole lot easier.



On the up? School fees and VAT


The Labour Party manifesto seeks to add VAT to private school fees. We look at the impact on separating parents and their financial agreements, and especially parents of SEND children.




Need vs greed: the importance of pre-nuptial agreements


Pre-nups are not legally binding in England and Wales but a recent case shows that the courts will not just take them into consideration, but may uphold their terms too.




And from our social media streams:


Woman controlled partners' every move - and wouldn't even let him go to the toilet

Coercive control case in Chester Crown Court


Judge stays divorce financial proceedings to allow non-court dispute resolution

“Under the new rules, adjournment for the purposes of non-court dispute resolution no longer requires the parties' agreement and the court can give directions over non-court dispute resolution on its own initiative. “


Couples unlawfully divorced after glitch in digital system

67 divorces are in question after a digital mistake allowed applications to be filed incorrectly. Judges are considering dissolving them.


Organisations demand that domestic abusers be exempted from the prison early release scheme

“The group is collectively calling for perpetrators of domestic abuse and other forms of VAWG to be exempt from the scheme.”


The 31 biggest celebrity divorces of all time

“Whether they call it a 'conscious uncoupling' or part-ways as best friends there's no denying that much like everyone else's, not all celebrity marriages work out.”


Divorces fall to their lowest rate in more than five decades as men 'become better husbands' and are more 'committed' to their marriages, study finds

Interesting figures from this study on divorce rates. Also the figures on marriage rates.


Wife ordered to pay as divorce costs reach 'monumental' £3m

Mr Justice MacDonald said the costs incurred were a ‘monumental sum’ which were extended by the wife's ‘egregious and persistent litigation conduct’.”


Is this the end of Hollywood's bitterest divorce? Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans 'sign stipulation' three years after acrimonious split that descended into harassment, stalking and abuse allegations

It's the bitterest divorce in Hollywood – but Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd appear to have finally reached a resolution, over three years after splitting up.


How HNW clients can face more challenges in divorce

"Although the same laws apply to any divorcing couple, from the extremely wealthy to very modest assets, the divorce proceedings of the affluent typically have a number of features and considerations that require expert assistance from the outset."


Police warn of possible rise in domestic abuse as England face Serbia in Euros

Police have warned of a potential rise in domestic abuse as England play the European football championships.

“findings by Sussex Police during the 2022 world cup, which showed that 999 calls relating to domestic abuse “doubled” during match days.”


Decrease in UK divorces: impact of cost-of-living crisis and legislative changes

"While the decrease in divorce rates may initially suggest an improvement in family stability, the underlying factors of economic pressure and legislative changes paint a more complex picture. Legal experts urge those facing relationship breakdowns to seek professional advice to navigate the financial and legal challenges effectively. "


Resolution - Modern Families Forum

Lady Hale concludes "modern families come in many forms today, which was unthinkable 60 years ago. We must recognise that parentinghood is about the quality of the home surrounding a child.

"That is vitally important in deciding where their best interest will lie."


Kevin Costner finalises divorce from ex-wife Christine Baumgartner

It’s finally completed.