Pensions, SEN, Discounts and more: Our round-up of news for June-July 2023

There was a lot of news we found interesting in June - July 2023, so we've put a few of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:

Financial arrangements for parents of SEN children


LGFL's Managing Director Rita Gupta and family law barrister Andrew Grime look at financial arrangements for separating parents of a SEN child, with particular focus on what happens to the family home, and the resident parent’s ability to work.



Top trainee solicitors CV tips from LGFL Director Rita Gupta


Applying for trainee solicitor contracts? LGFL Managing Director shares her insights and top tips for creating a professional, effective CV to accompany your application.




Mind the (big) gap: accounting for the true value of pensions in divorce


Pension pots can be the financial elephant in the divorce room that nobody can afford to ignore. What's more, decisions about pension sharing can affect your lifestyle long after the divorce itself is concluded.



Introducing our 10% discount for emergency workers and the military


To celebrate 15 years of LGFL, we would like to give back to those who give so much. So, we’re introducing a new 10% discount to NHS employees, the emergency services, Armed Forces personnel, and other first responders such as the RNLI. Just ask for details.




And from our social media streams:

Mortgage crisis complicates the property conundrum for separating couples

With higher rates suddenly making home loans very expensive, finding a solution to the property conundrum at separation could be trickier.


Watchdog criticises family courts’ handling of domestic abuse

The voice of the child has been all but lost in the Court, and the Commissioner hopes that this report will bring it into the forefront of family law proceedings.


How to resolve the existing mortgage dilemma in separating couples

As interest rates continue to rise divorcing couples face a new argument in their negotiations: holding on to the cheap mortgage, either at the family home or by porting it to a new property.


Call for charity to help people get divorced in cost of living crisis

Ways some people want to help people through divorce.


Are YOU guilty of 'phubbing'? Regularly snubbing your partner to look at your phone could cost you your marriage, study warns

Now, a study has warned how our obsession with our phones could be taking a toll on our relationships.


17 Things Children Of Divorce Wish Their Parents Had Done Differently

Interesting article with views from now adult children of parents who divorced when they were young.


‘Birdnesting’: why divorcing couples are taking turns to live in the family home

Clients are coming to them in ever-increasing numbers with such plans because birdnesting – or nesting – is cheaper than maintaining two family-sized homes, and also provides stability for the couple’s children.


The Kevin Costner divorce continues

Kevin Costner to pay estranged wife Christine almost $130K monthly in child support as divorce drama continues


Divorce benefits: How companies are helping workers navigate separation

Companies are acknowledging their employees may need help during divorce.


Judge calls latest stage of Frederick Barclay’s battle with ex-wife a ‘charade’

The latest stage of a long-running legal battle between one of the UK’s highest-profile businessmen and his ex-wife has been called a “charade” by a high court judge after another delay.


Family court delays see children waiting a year to finalise living arrangements

"Early legal advice would mean families have the support they need and would also make a cost-effective contribution to resolving the backlogs in the family courts.”



Rise of 'birdnesting' as people look to keep costs down in a divorce

Couples taking turns to co-parent children in the former family home is an increasingly common practice after marriages break down, according to lawyers.


Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers agree to share joint custody of children

Armie Hammer and estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers ‘settle divorce nearly three years after filing’


There has been a marked increase is people looking for information on 'Silent Divorce'

"This usually happens without conflict or animosity of any kind, but the emotional and physical connection between the two people fades, leaving the couple living together in more of a friendship or housemates kind of way."


Wait to reform cohabiting couples law could see millions lack basic protection

Basic legal protections for cohabiting partners and their children could be delayed by years if the Government sticks to its “untenable” position to wait until other laws in that area are dealt with, MPs have warned.


Becoming a model rebuilt my confidence after divorce

Wise words:

“For a long time, I couldn’t believe that divorce had happened to us. But it is possible to move forward and create an entirely new, happy and fulfilling life at any age. “


As 'silent divorce' interest spikes, relationship expert lists the warning signs

A marked increase is people looking for information on 'Silent Divorce'


One woman never got a penny of ex's £1.2m retirement fund

Women get a TENTH of what they're owed from divorce as lawyers forget pension pots


5 signs you may be in a financially controlling relationship (and what you can do)

"Financial control is a form of domestic abuse which is illegal and it’s often a “hidden crisis” that goes on behind closed doors."


Co-parenting in action

Tom Brady needs his kids to have 'balance' following his divorce from Gisele Bundchen



And Finally

We celebrated LGFL's 15th anniversary as a leading boutique family law firm serving Reading, the UK and beyond. Discover more about our story and our team in our new article.


Happy 15th Birthday LGFL!