Law internships at LGFL Ltd: Apply now

LGFL Ltd offer two highly-sought after internships to law and business students, giving them a unique, practical insight into the realities of working in family law. Director Rita Gupta explains more.

The value of law internships

I’m a passionate believer in the value of internships for one simple reason; law is primarily about people. Academic study gives you the legal tools, the references, the framework. Internships give students the chance to see how these work in practice when applied to real people in real-life situations, when emotions and tempers can run high.


Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have worked with some brilliant lawyers who mentored me. Similarly, since running my business I have been lucky to have had Mentors and Advisors who guided me through my journey. Now, as a Law Society Mentor, I have found guiding the young lawyers of tomorrow through their career paths very fulfilling.
Due to taking on several trainee solicitors this year, I regret that LGFL cannot accommodate interns this summer 2024.


Internships at LGFL Ltd

At LGFL, our internships give you the opportunity to see the workings of a boutique law company up close and personal. We offer a structured programme of activity, including involvement in casework, shadowing in court, and quality bespoke mentoring from our Directors.


Our internships are also open to those studying for business degrees, or interested in a career in business administration. The workings of our busy law offices reflect the requirements of any business, and the experience you’ll gain will be transferable to almost any industry or market sector.


As someone who didn’t have the benefit of contacts in the law, I am particularly interested in assisting bright and talented individuals who simply need that chance to be the brilliant lawyers of tomorrow. A chance they may not get, given the highly competitive nature of law.


My internship at LGFL was a fantastic opportunity to begin my career in family law. I was exposed to range of family cases and given real responsibility, which furthered my legal skill set. The internship complimented my LPC studies and undoubtedly helped me secure a paralegal job at a leading family law firm in London.
Victoria Spencer


A practical, hands-on internship

An internship at LGFL Ltd is a very practical, hands-on experience. As an intern, you will be part of the LGFL team from the moment you arrive, and will be expected to work as such. Past interns have enjoyed the variety and diversity of work, and there are opportunities to get involved in all aspects of running a law firm or associated business. Our interns help with all aspects of our work, including office work, filing, legal research, helping clients, and assisting our lawyers with courtroom preparation.


As our intern you’d usually work with us during your college or university holiday periods, or on day release where available/feasible, and are paid. This enables suitable candidates to fund themselves through their studies, whilst gaining industry experience. They also instill the ethic of hard work, something which both Directors of LGFL Ltd believe is an essential quality for success.


City expertise, countryside setting

LGFL is a forward-thinking law firm, providing City expertise in a countryside setting. In practice, this means we work with as many high net worth and international clients as some London-based firms, but without the overheads. This is a huge advantage for our interns, as they can gain high-level experience without the crippling costs of living in or travelling to London everyday.


Rita and Anne were not only different from other firms in the level of responsibility they gave me, but also in the level of relationship that they developed with me. They were so warm, friendly, and approachable, and had a genuine interest in my development. I feel because of this I was able to gain so much more from this internship than others. 
Tara Woodward


A buzzing business centre

As of 12th June 2017, our new offices will be at Swallowfield, Berkshire, within easy commuting distance of Reading, Basingstoke and major cities on the road and rail routes. Since we’ll be based in a busy business centre, there will always be lots going on and people to meet outside the company team!



Why apply for a law internship at LGFL

A high quality internship is almost a necessity for any law undergraduate in order to give the best possible chances of employment after graduation, or after you’ve completed your LPC qualification.


Working as a legal assistant at LGFL was, without a doubt, an integral step in my journey to becoming a solicitor. Working alongside two highly skilled practitioners in such close proximity enabled me, not only to see the handling of numerous family law matters, but also provided me a great insight into how a legal practice is run. I appreciated Anne and Rita’s flexibility in my working programme which enabled me to continuing working at LGFL whilst studying for my LPC.
Lois Tackie-Oblie


An internship ensures prospective employers will put your CV to the top of the pile, as they recognise the value of practical, structured experience. Past interns have enjoyed the ability to work near where they study. They have also gone on to secure trainee positions at prestigious law firms across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and primarily in London.



How to apply

Please note that due to taking on several trainee solicitors this year, LGFL cannot accommodate interns for summer 2024.
If you’re studying for a law degree, your LPC qualification, or have an interest in a career in business, I do encourage you to apply for an internship as soon as possible. When one becomes available we will post details on our Intern and Mentoring page.


At LGFL, we especially welcome applications from undergraduate students at Reading University and Southampton University, as part of our commitment to supporting the local and legal communities in Berkshire and Hampshire and helping create the superstars of tomorrow.


I cannot speak highly enough of the experience that I gained from LGFL Ltd, both in a legal context and outside of it. The firm guided me through my university years, offering me invaluable opportunities from a work experience perspective and priceless advice in how to take the next steps. The directors were always so understanding of my academic priorities and allowed me to shape my working time around that. 
Sam Taylor


Want to know more?

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