LGFL Ltd international charitable activity

Street child with baskets Toybox Charity

At LGFL Ltd, we support various charities throughout the year. This enables charities both at home and abroad to benefit, and in turn educates us and helps us empathise with a diverse range of people in very different circumstances.

Director Rita Gupta introduces our chosen international charity for summer 2017, Toybox.

Toybox is a remarkable charity that works to transform the lives of street children in countries across the world. The charity’s outreach workers and partner organisations help street children leave a life of uncertainty, exploitation and danger behind, and give them the chance to go to school.

Street children who escape from violence and abuse at home are particularly vulnerable to recruitment by gangs. Gangs initially offer some sort of protection that quickly turns into exploitation, abuse, and the constant threat of physical violence if gang orders are not carried out.

Toybox’s outreach workers identify and contact street children, and guide them into supported projects who can support them further, whether helping with schoolwork, providing a meal, or just a safe place to play.

We have supported Toybox in association with St Andrew’s School in Pangbourne, near Reading. We often join forces with the pupils from St Andrews to support a charity, combining our contributions with those of parents and fundraising activities at the school. This ensures welcome contributions and additional exposure for the charity, especially important for smaller charities who may not have the resources to advertise or promote their work on a grand scale.

If you’d like to find out more about Toybox, or perhaps support their work, here’s the Toybox website.