How to get the new LGFL podcast “The Modern Family Lawyer”

Like the sound of our new podcast? Here’s how you can be listening within minutes!

1. Add it to your podcast app

If you’ve already got a podcast app on your phone or mobile device, all you need to do is add the RSS feed below:


Look for “Add new podcast URL” or similar and just type in the address above.

On the iOS13 Podcasts app for iPhone for example:

  • Open the Podcasts app
  • Go to “Library”
  • Click “Edit” (top right corner)
  • Go to “Add a Show by URL”
  • Type in the full RSS URL above
  • Click “Subscribe”
  • Go back to your "Library" and The Modern Family Lawyer will be sitting there waiting for you
  • Listen and enjoy!

Rest assured, our family law podcast is completely free. “Subscribe” just means you’ll automatically get notified of all our new podcasts, so you never need to miss an episode. There is no cost involved.

2. Find us in iTunes

Soon, “The Modern Family Lawyer” podcast will be listed in iTunes. Here’s how to subscribe via the desktop version of iTunes.


3. Listen via Spotify

You can listen via Spotify too. For full instructions, see Spotify support.

You’ll need this URL: https://modernfamilylawyer.libsyn.com/spotify


4. No podcast app?

No problem. You can simply listen on the podcast’s own webpage here:

The Modern Family Lawyer


What to expect in Episode 1

  • Discover more about our boutique family law firm Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers
  • Meet your host Rita Gupta
  • Why we’re doing a family podcast now.
  • Details of what we’ll be covering, including hot topics and legal updates.

Download to your phone or stream live to keep up to speed with the latest developments if you’re still commuting, working from home, or on your daily run/cycle/walk.

Happy listening!