Coercive control, snoring and divorce wellbeing: Our round-up of news for March 2024

There was a lot of news we found interesting in March 2024, so we've put a few of the news posts on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:


Remote control: coercive control storylines in dramas


National conversations about emotional abuse are being fuelled by powerful TV dramas! LGFL's director, Anne Leiper, a "The Archers" aficionado, dissects how these stories expose the manipulative tactics of coercive control.
Head over to the blog to see which shows have sparked discussions and raised awareness!



Sleep, stress and support: divorce and wellbeing


In the second of two articles, I discuss with Registered Nutritionist & Health Coach Kay Kaur seven ways to reduce the physical impact on divorce on your health.




How snoring affects relationships - and divorces


Director Rita Gupta was recently asked by the BBC World Service about an issue that comes up time and time again in divorce cases - snoring. As a family lawyer known for her holistic approach to family law, Rita commented in the BBC's article on how snoring affects relationships, and how it "Definitely comes up a lot as a reason for unhappiness in the marriage".

The article was published on the BBC's websites and social feed for World Sleep Day, and translated 18 different languages including Hindi, Urdu, Swahili and Thai! (For the full list of articles in all the different languages, see our blog.)


It’s not always over: coercive or controlling behaviour and post-separation abuse

Coercive Control: A Hidden Aspect of Domestic Abuse
Domestic abuse extends far beyond physical violence. Here at LGFL, our family law practice regularly encounters cases involving coercive or controlling behaviour (CCB) within relationships.
Our Managing Director, Rita Gupta, has delved into this critical issue, exploring:
What constitutes CCB?
How to identify and address CCB that persists after separation or divorce.
This information can be invaluable for anyone experiencing or concerned about CCB.

And from our social media streams:


Divorce rates at lowest level in decades ‘due to cost-of-living crisis’

Divorces granted in England and Wales reached their lowest level for 50 years, according to the latest statistics. Legal experts have cited the cost-of-living crisis as a possible reason, with couples holding off because of the financial challenges of legal separation.


Top fashion designer debuts Baroness Hale inspired court wear

Look based on Lady Hale? Really?


Why Missouri currently doesn't allow pregnant women to be legally divorced

It's US law but the points make you think about SEND children for example.


Sussex seaside town has second highest divorce rate in the UK

Welcome to Hastings.


How has my ex-husband ended up living off me for the rest of his life?

So many high-earning women are being pursued for spousal support by their lower-paid former partner that it has its own name – Man-imony.


Spring Budget 2024: Hunt pledges £170m to make justice system ‘fit for the modern era’

“Jeremy Hunt has promised £170m in order to deliver a justice system “fit for the modern era” during his much-vaunted Spring Budget. Hunt stated that “too many legal cases, particularly in family law, should never go to court.” He added that “it would cost us less if they didn’t.””


Tips for Mother’s Day for separated parents

When parents separate, Mother’s Day can be difficult for BOTH parents. These are some tips for both parents:


Rupert Murdoch, 92, plans to marry for 5th time

Number FIVE for Rupert


Seven-Year Itch Confirmed: Gen X Most Likely to Divorce at Average Age 43.9

A recent study has confirmed the long-suspected 'seven-year itch' phenomenon in marriages. The study revealed that the highest number of divorces occur at the seven-year mark.


How to deal with debt in a divorce: What are you still on the hook for after a marriage ends

“People in debt can get divorced, but will need to agree a plan or make a formal financial settlement to pay off what they owe. How this responsibility is shared will depend on whether debts run up during marriage are matrimonial - meaning they benefit the couple or a family as a whole - or individual.”


How 'grey divorce' reshapes family dynamics: When older couples split, fathers are more likely to lose touch with their children, study finds

“Divorce is always messy – you have to think about finances, living arrangements and of course, the kids. But when it comes to older couples going their separate ways, fathers are more likely to lose touch with their children, a study suggests. There has been a growing trend in recent years for 'grey divorce', when couples in long-term marriages split after the age of 50”


Brad Pitt scores victory against ex-wife Angelina Jolie in legal battle over French winery Chateau Miraval involving Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler

It still rages on.


Billie Piper finds co-parenting ‘enormously difficult’ with Laurence Fox? So do most exes

The actor’s words mirrored the concerns of many separated parents, says Olivia Petter, who spoke to experts and legal professionals about the best ways to avoid conflict.


France trials four-day working week for divorced parents so they can have day off to care for their children.

From September, in some areas, civil servants who look after their children on alternating residence arrangements will have an extra day off if their child is staying with them, said Gabriel Attal, the prime minister, on Sunday.


This divorce trend is becoming more popular with celebs

In the last few years, an increasing number of A-listers have taken the “let’s separate and tell them later (even years later)” route.


Law students provide court support for divorcing couples

Teesside University law students have been given special permission to attend court to offer support to unrepresented people in family court hearings. The final year law students will provide free emotional support and procedural advice to parties attending first hearing dispute resolution appointments at Middlesbrough family court.


Exploring the intersection of family disputes and workplace productivity: Understanding the financial implications of divorce

“All too often, a family dispute between divorcing parties can affect a person’s morale and motivation levels at work. The impact this has on earning potential is evidenced by some interesting statistics on the effect of divorce on a worker’s ability to support themselves and their dependents financially. We take a closer look at the figures, and the factors that could be at play.”