Wills, SEN children and Mental health: Our round-up of news for Mar-May

There was a lot of news we found interesting in March - May 2023, so we've put a few of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:

A legacy for the family: wills and divorce


LGFL Financial Director Anne Leiper looks at why you might need to change your will during your divorce process. She also explains how the granting of a final order automatically changes who can inherit.



No-fault divorce one year on: Rita’s TV interview


LGFL Director Rita Gupta discussing no-fault divorce one year on with James Dickman of London Live TV.





Hidden phones: UK Emergency Alerts test and domestic violence concerns


Domestic abuse charities have raised concerns about the possible impact of the UK Emergency Alerts test this Sunday for victims who have a second mobile phone hidden from their abusers. We share details of the test and how you can stop the alert happening on your phone on, if you need to.



Divorce and the SEN child: our new video series


We're delighted to announce that our new video series "Divorce and the SEN Child" is now available on our YouTube channel. In this five-part series, LGFL's Managing Director Rita Gupta discusses the complexities of separation when a child with special needs is involved with Andrew Grime. Andrew is a specialist family law barrister with a particular interest in cases involving children with additional needs.



Why child arrangements need to be child-focussed


In this article version of their video discussion, LGFL's Managing Director Rita Gupta and family law barrister Andrew Grime look at the key issues and challenges facing separating parents with a SEN child



It takes two: the effects of divorce on physical and mental health


"Always trust your gut ... and always get a pre-nup." TV presenter Rylan Clark revealed in various interviews how the pressures of fame and his divorce had affected his physical and mental health.







And from our social media streams:

No-fault divorce hasn’t taken out the emotions behind filing

Interesting article in the FT adviser

“The objective of No-fault divorce legislation, was to reduce conflict between separating couples, however, in large part it has failed”


Drake bell says he found out his wife was divorcing him on social media

Drake tweeted: "I found out my wife filed for divorce from TMZ…check out my new song." Drake and Bell star Drake's wife Janet Von Schmeling has filed for divorce according to legal documents.


Woman’s parents try to buy her support amidst their divorce: ‘This is what you call blessings in disguise’

Perhaps not the best way to keep you children 'involved' when you divorce.


Nine essential rules for choosing the right partner (according to a divorce lawyer)

"As Jane Austen knew, marriage isn’t a romantic pact, it’s a long-term business contract. "


Prenups divide public opinon, but they’re just like any other insurance policy - Jennifer Macdonald

An increasing number of those choosing to marry or enter civil partnerships in the UK are putting in place prenuptial agreements.


How to split your finances after a break-up

Article from Good Housekeeping with tips on some practical steps you need to take to untangle your financial lives.


High-Profile Divorces: Navigating Media Interest

How does the world of the media intersect with divorce cases – how they are covered, what litigants should consider, and the impact of publicity?

Read on…


Preparing for Court With a High-Conflict Ex

5 tips for decreasing stress and fear during an already overwhelming time.


Home Office announces raft of new measures set to ‘weed out’ domestic abuse.

50 projects will be rolled out over the next two years with the intention of stopping abusers from repeatedly targeting victims and terrorising vulnerable people.


Sir Frederick Barclay’s ex-wife ‘astonished’ over £1m legal spending, court told

That Barclays divorce again.

Sir Jonathan Cohen said: “It is astonishing that so much has been spent on lawyers to thwart Lady Barclay getting what she is entitled to.”


Bar Council elects first Black vice chair

The Bar Council this week confirmed the appointment of Barbara Mills KC as vice chair, becoming the first Black person and first person of colour to assume the role.


Dividing business interests on divorce or dissolution

Whether you’re getting a divorce or dissolving a civil partnership, if you or your partner has a business, then it’s helpful to know more about how they are handled in proceedings.


Couples could become legal parents of surrogate babies at birth under new proposals

The changes would ensure "greater legal certainty, transparency and safeguards against exploitation", and would work better for children, surrogates and intended parents, said the Law Commission of England and Wales, which published the review with the Scottish Law Commission.


How could the abolished LTA affect divorce and inheritance?

With the abolishment of the Lifetime Allowance on pension contributions “Pension sharing orders may become more likely as pensions may be disproportionately valuable, meaning that it is not possible to offset the value of a pension share with other assets.”


Why Do So Many Couples Divorce After 8 Years?

The infamous seven-year itch is real. How to avoid becoming a statistic.


Divorce applications rise amid concern over delays

Lubna Shuja, president of the Law Society, said: “We know the family courts are facing challenges. However, delays can cause significant harm, inconvenience and uncertainty for divorcing couples, particularly when children are involved.”

The HM Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) has estimated it may take up to three years to return to pre-pandemic levels of service.


Russian tycoon’s ex criticised by London judge for ‘costly and destructive’ divorce fight with £9m bill

Sir Jonathan Cohen said Alla Rakshina, 42, and ex-husband Lazaros Xanthopoulos, 43, ran up lawyers’ bills of nearly £9 million as disputes over jurisdiction, money and children featured in more than 60 hearings in Russia and England.


Book review of Maggie Smith's memoir "You Could Make This Place Beautiful."

This Memoir Shows How To Find Beauty In The Aftermath Of Divorce


Passport warning for single parents looking to fly with their kids this summer

If you’re planning that summer getaway, make sure you have your child’s passport sorted. Especially if you’re a single parent.

“parents who are no longer together must still both be named on their child’s passport and if this isn't possible, authorities will require an explanation before they issue the document.”


'DIY divorces ignore valuable pension arrangements'

Rising trend of DIY divorce leads to concerns that many people are losing out financially, by failing to understand the complex landscape surrounding finances on divorce.

The reduction in the number of financial orders that include pension-sharing orders


Bird nesting after divorce

A new approach to co-parenting

The kids don’t move houses - the parent do

“Children benefit from the consistency of staying in their home and maintaining the regularities of daily life that matter to them.”


The Government’s SEND Improvement Plan: an initial overview

“It is time to deliver a more dignified experience for children and young people with SEND and to restore families’ confidence in the system.”

This article covers the what the gov has outlined in their plan.


London and UK’s divorce hotspots revealed: new data shows how many marriages and partnerships breakup

Newly published figures from the 2021 Census collected by the Office for National Statistics has revealed the proportion of people who divorce by area.


For tax purposes the date of a divorce matters

Under the current tax rules, couples that separate towards the end of a tax year find themselves at a potentially significant disadvantage compared with those that separate early in a tax year, making them more likely to end up with a capital gains tax charge.


The parenting triangle – HOW to wok with your Ex to raise your child

Ultimately, putting the well-being of the children first can help create a more positive and stable environment for them to grow and thrive in. It’s not always easy. But done well, your children will thank you for it later.


Time is 'opportune' for new review of divorce law

One year after members of the House of Lords were told the government would look at the law governing financial provision ‘within a matter of weeks’ after no-fault divorce reforms came into force last April, they were told a review to be conducted by the Law Commission will be announced shortly.