Domestic abuse, football and Easter Arrangements: our round-up of news for March 2019

March roundup of news 2019

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Domestic violence and emotional abuse: why the new draft Domestic Abuse Bill is long overdue

domestic abuse woman crying

Director Rita Gupta explores how progress is finally being made through the draft Domestic Abuse Bill to help those suffering abuse to come forward more often, with more confidence.

Football and Alzheimers; our passion and our focus for 2019

Football support 2019 Reading

Our new sponsorship and charitable giving for 2019: junior football and the dementia charity Alzheimer's Society



Child arrangement letters for Easter holidays

Child holiday arrangement letters

If you’re planning a family holiday this Easter, 🐰 now is the time to sort out your child arrangements with your ex-partner.⁣

Here's how our child arrangements letters help separated parents agree about holiday arrangements faster and with less stress. ⁣


From our social media:

Grey divorce: Its reasons & its implications

The question of why grey divorce has been increasing can be best answered by analyzing the aspects of life that affect long-term marriages.
A Forbes article.


101 Questions answered about separating with children

New book out now.
The book is born out of the calls and enquiries received every day by OnlyMums & OnlyDads, a national not for profit support and signposting service for parents going through separation or divorce.


Domestic abuse offences in London rise 63% in seven years

This is a truly sad statistic!


Why judges need to become fluent in emoji

The changing face of communication can be a minefield for some.


Texting and FaceTime are important for teens after parents divorce

A new study shows that parent-teen relationships after divorce are stronger when teens are able to communicate with their parents through text and FaceTime.


Women barristers overlooked in favour of men, Supreme Court president says

We still have some way to go, where the big cases are concerned says top judge.

£1m boost for male survivors of domestic abuse

These figures are not good, but more money is on it's way says govt. An estimated 246,700 adults aged 16-59 who live in London have experienced some form of domestic abuse, according to a report published by the office for policing and crime last month.


Mixed-sex civil partnerships’ impact on tax

Civil partnerships are set to be extended to all by the autumn. This also means changes in taxation.


Co-parenting app raises privacy questions when courts get involved

Interesting that an app is being mandated by some US courts, to assist co-parenting during custody cases. Of course that’s an awful lot of data that the judge will have easily to hand. And, there’s a cost to pay. Worth a read.


Social media contempt warning after Tina Malone conviction

Robert Buckland QC says users should ‘think carefully’ about their posts.


How to avoid extra heartache when love breaks down

Whether your business interests are in partnerships, as a sole trader or shareholdings in private companies, they can all be seriously affected by a divorce which, despite the statistics showing that more than a third of all marriages will end this way, is often not something people anticipate or plan for.


Humanist marriages are far less likely to end in divorce - so why aren't they available to everyone?

Perhaps if you have a Humanist wedding the chance of needing services such as ours will be less.


myCourtroom – exploring the family court

This tool by Cafcass can help parents preparing for their first visit to court. You can look around a virtual court room and gain a better understanding of what happens in family proceedings and the roles of the professionals involved.


10 Ways dealing with grief after divorce is different from grief over death

Divorce is often compared to death in terms of the experience of loss and grief. But despite their similarities, dealing with grief after divorce is different from grief over death.


Childhood trauma scars the brain and boosts depression risk

Interesting findings corroborating the need to ensure that children are protected.


Cohabitation - your rights

A great list from the Law society explaining your rights of you are co-habiting.


Life after divorce

This resource from Resolution looks at how you can manage the parenting arrangements with your ex, help your children live
between two homes and how you can have a healthy relationship with your children.


Litigant in person throws White Book at barrister

Perhaps another reason why you should never represent yourself in court!


And Finally

The 3rd in our video series of tips to help you, and Rita's book review.