Budget, coercive control & no prejudice: our round-up of news for March 2021

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

When coercive control never ends: post-separation and the new Domestic Abuse Bill


“Ongoing, indefinite power to destroy our lives”. Read Rita's new article on post-separation abuse, and why it is an important amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill.


Sunak, stamp duty and summer schools; the Budget 2021 and family law

budet 2021 and family law


In a special "Budget blog", we explore how Rishi Sunak's 2021 Budget may impact on separated parents, single parents and couples in the midst of divorce.




Going green: an unexpected benefit of the pandemic

green leaves in office bag and pens


Less paper shredded, less energy used, and lower emissions: unexpected benefits from our first year of full remote working for our team. Discover more in our latest LGFL article.



Without Prejudice: what it means and when to use it

woman scratching head understading the meaning of without prejudice


Confused about Without Prejudice and “Without Prejudice save as to costs”? LGFL Rita Gupta explains why taking legal advice is important before using either phrase on your family law case correspondence.





From our social media:

7 Ways to Help Your Teenager Cope With Your Divorce

Divorce can be difficult for young people. This article has some ideas to help.


Man ordered to pay his wife £5,400 for doing the housework

Certainly a step forward in Chinese divorce law.


Quarter of parents who suffered domestic abuse say it took place during pregnancy

This is a very sobering statistic.


Most judges do not feel valued by government - survey

So, the question is how to improve their sense of value to government and the media in general?


5 tips for co-parenting amicably after divorce or separation

While the arrangement may appear straightforward if former partners remain on good terms, sharing parenting of children with an ex can present many challenging issues to work through - from anxieties to disagreements, loneliness and a lack of support.




Untying the knot: how to have a ‘good’ divorce

“It’s hard at the beginning – it’s much easier to just go into your own camp and be cross with the other person. But actually, if you look at it as both of you trying to extricate yourselves fairly, then you focus on the solution rather than the problem."


Religious divorce refusal can now be recognised as a criminal offence

A husband who refuses a 'get' can now be viewed as exerting controlling and coercive behaviour, listed as a criminal offence under the Serious Crime Act.


Lisa Marie Presley asks judge to hand her single status in long-running divorce battle

Lengthy divorce takes it toll: Lisa Marie Presley has urged the judge overseeing her ongoing divorce and custody battle to end the legal spat so she can get on with her life.


Multimillionaire sells classic Bentley collection to pay for divorce

I wonder how many tears the collector wept over this!


Adele finalises divorce with joint custody of son

Co-parenting from Adele: "committed to raising their son together lovingly"


Adele’s weight loss secrets revealed: How the singer shed seven stone and got a ‘new lease of life’

They only just recently finalised the details of the divorce after a two-year battle over finances and reportedly used a "mediator" to split her £140m fortune.


Calls to domestic abuse helpline in England up by 60% over past year

Coercive control:
"Across the whole of 2020, 81% described being controlled by their partner"