School Fees, lockdown, & mental health: our round-up of news for May 2020

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Parents concerned over school fees payments for summer 2020


In our blog, we look at the current situation regarding the payment of private school fees, how schools are helping with discounts and delayed payments, and the impact on divorced parents with School Fees Orders.


Mental health awareness helplines


For Mental Health Awareness Week, and given the continued restrictions, the theme of kindness is particularly appropriate. If you’re struggling with your mental health through lockdown, or are concerned about a family member, friend or neighbour, our latest helpline guide has links to organisations who are there for you.




Life after separation: how to keep a healthy headspace in your new world


"The emotional impact of untying the bond with a partner doesn’t just go away once the documents are filed." How therapy can help you through separating from your partner in a new collaborative article from LGFL Director Rita Gupta and registered RTT therapist Emma Buckell.




3 Questions: Court hearings

In the final video of our 3 Questions series, LGFL Director Rita Gupta and Jennifer Lee of Pump Court Chambers discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on court hearings, from video hearings to decisions made on submitted papers alone..

Drawing on their own experiences in the last few weeks, Rita and Jennifer explore the ‘new normal’ of most court hearings being conducted remotely, either by telephone or video.
All you need to know about remote court hearings in just 20 minutes!




From our social media:

Family life during the lockdown

It can be stressful for many trying balance work, childcare and self-care while dealing with worries.
NHS East Berkshire have a great resource of reliable and free sources of information and advice to help you and your family to cope under lockdown.


Coronavirus: Children attacking parents in ‘new form of domestic abuse’ during UK lockdown

Sad that frustration may be leading to this type of abuse.


The most common questions about divorce being asked amid coronavirus

Remember to take advice from a specialist family lawyer as early as possible and preferably before any discussion of divorce with your spouse.


11 celebrities reveal their partners' most annoying habits in lockdown – and they're totally relatable

Some light-hearted realities of lockdown.


Mortgages and coronavirus: sorting the facts from the fiction

This article from @sjpwealth looks at the most frequently asked questions on mortgages and in the impact of Covid-19


6 celebrity splits and divorces in lockdown

The Lockdown effect for some.


Kindness Matters guide

Research has shown that by helping others, you will also be helping yourself. According to the Mental health Foundation:

“People who are kind and compassionate see clear benefits to their wellbeing and happiness. They may even live longer. Kindness can also help reduce stress and improve our emotional wellbeing.”

Check out their guide to being kind


Why 40% of men won't talk about their own mental health

According to a survey done by The Priory, 40% of men won’t talk about their own mental health. The good news is that the same survey showed that 66% would share their feelings with their partner above anyone else.

So, if you think your male partner is struggling, talk to him. Use our helpline sheet to find the kind of professional support he may need. GP’s are open for business and ready to help anyone struggling with their mental health. Before the pandemic, the biggest cause of pressure men felt under was work-related. As the UK starts return to work, that pressure will return, whether through returning to work, concern over a job post-furlough, or trying to restore a business.


Children’s mental health

Concerned about the effect of lockdown on your child’s mental health? Action for Children have developed the M-A-S-K list of signs of metal health issues in children - Mood, Actions, Social, Keep Talking.


Another celebrity couple is going through a messy quarantine divorce

The difficulties of Quarantine/Lockdown and divorce for celebrities.


With the family courts closed, mediation may be the only option

Mediation in Paris. Delphine Eskenazi explains how the Paris Bar is deploying mediators to resolve parental access disputes during Covid-19


The final straw! Divorce lawyers reveal the bizarre reasons clients have given for ending a marriage

These outrageous divorce stories prove that sometimes it's the little things that drive people to the brink.



For Mental Health Awareness week, Rita gave some thoughts on maintaining good mental health, in particular during family breakdowns.