Birdnesting, economic abuse and motivation: Our round-up of news for May 2024

There was a lot of news we found interesting in May 2024, so we've put a few of the news posts on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:


Work ethics, motivation, and cooking for guests: Rita Gupta on Unity 101 Radio Respect Hour with Aryana Neo


Motivation, work ethic, healthy eating, work life balance and more. Discover more about LGFL Managing Director Rita Gupta in this Unity 101 Radio Respect Hour interview with Aryana Neo.



Birdnesting: a modern solution to co-parenting a SEND child?


Birdnesting, when parents alternate who lives in the family home, could be a potential solution for the logistical and emotional challenges of caring for a SEND child post separation or divorce. Managing Director Rita Gupta looks at the potential benefits and issues in her latest article.




Financial / economic abuse: the fear and the reality


LGFL Managing Director Rita Gupta explores the devastating impact of financial abuse on women, and how it can block a victim's ability to exit an abusive relationship.




And from our social media streams:


Four in 10 divorces are held back as couples cannot afford to split

Being unable to afford to split up is the main reason that couples hold off on divorce, beating worries about the impact on children, data claims.


Family courts struggle as litigants represent themselves

Recent data analysed by the Law Society reveals a worrying trend, particularly in private family law cases, where an increasing number of individuals navigate legal proceedings without professional representation.


Russian oligarch's ex-wife - who won Britain's biggest divorce payout of £450million - is locked in a legal battle with her own lawyers for 'failing to bag her his superyacht as well'

She wants the superyacht too!


The role of grandparents during parental separation and divorce

Listen to the latest episode of theDivorce Podcast where Kate is joined by the Founder of the Bristol Grandparents Support Group, Jane Jackson, and amicable Divorce Specialist, Anthony Syder, to discuss the role of grandparents during parental separation and divorce.


Happy reunion: The Split is returning

Yes, it is retiring - but only in 2 parts.


Nearly 1,000 parents abducted their own children in last five years

"The majority of abductions happen when parents are battling over custody rights or a divorce settlement, and …“court delays” as one of the likely causes."


How do pre-nups work and are they honoured in a divorce? Retired judge STEPHEN GOLD explains

Retired judge explains prenups.


Could we soon be saying bye-bye to barristers’ wigs?

How long will wigs remain?


Research reveals one in four divorced people admit to hiding wealth and assets from their partner – Investec Wealth & Investment study

Full and frank disclosure?


Northern Ireland moves towards no-fault divorces

Northern Ireland may well update their divorce law shortly.


’English courts preferred in divorce for rigorous disclosure process'

It is, in part, the rigorous disclosure process under English law that has given rise to London being repeatedly named the divorce capital of the world.


Ricky Martin candidly opens up about divorce and parenting four kids as a single dad: 'I went through so much'

Ricky's child centred approach:

"Our greatest desire now is to continue having a healthy family dynamic and a relationship centred on peace and friendship to continue the joint upbringing of our children,."