A Genius, Interns and Moving: our May round up of news

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:


LGFL Genius



Law internships at LGFL Ltd

Interested in an internship with LGFL? Or know a law student or business undergraduate who might fit the bill? We've just released details of our 2018 internships.



LGFL Ltd are on the move - but not very far!

LGFL Ltd are moving to Wyvols Court Swallowfield, a unique location combining country house elegance and contemporary office design. We whilst retaining the discreet environment our clients value so much.


From our social media:

They may be divorced, but this couple still has an annual portrait with their son.
A recent YouGov survey shows co-habiting couples misconceive their rights. The Family Justice bill had it’s second reading on 12th May, hopefully Making a Family Law system fit for the 21st century.
An interesting story of gaining the space needed for both to enjoy their marriage and commitment. An 8 month sabbatical may not be the answer for all - but it’s an option.
The goal of this study is to find out what those pros and cons of parental communications with children using Internet technologies has during times of divorce or separation.


Study claims: the bigger the wedding the longer the marriage. Big weddings might not be good for the bank balance but could be great for longevity.
New study shows that if parents resolve differences the children are happier than they were before the argument.
Government cuts have meant nearly a 40% jump in the those refusing to press charges in domestic violence in 1 year.



That is the clients will only be men. Interesting idea, but at LGFL we'll represent either sex, because we understand divorce is more than just about the law




Keep smiling



Football with word - Genius

Privacy, genius and waitresses: the Ryan Giggs divorce case

The latest developments in the Ryan Giggs divorce proceedings, and why his case rests on him being a footballing 'genius'.