A murder is announced!

Rita Gupta and Anne Leiper at Highfield Park LGFL 10th Anniversary

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, LGFL Ltd invited 30 guests to a Downton Abbey styled dinner at Highfield Park, a lovely country house hotel just 5 minutes from our offices in Swallowfield Guests were treated to a prosecco reception on the terrace, and had just enjoyed speeches by Directors Rita and Anne when - a scream filled the room.

A mysterious woman rushed in to announce that her father had been found dead! Quickly the butler took charge, asking for help from any ‘sharp legal minds’ as the family really didn’t want the police to be involved…

So, during the course of a delicious dinner, the six main suspects dined with our guests, and were grilled to discover information and clues to the identity of the murderer, the location of the body and the murder weapon used (á la the board game Cluedo). Our intrepid teams also trooped around the country house to key location such as the bedroom, the kitchen and the hall, to discover envelopes of background information.

By the end, there were lots of sound theories and a couple of scandalous suggestions involving the butler and his relationship with his master, before said butler asked each team to give their solution.

In a final twist not even planned by the excellent troupe of murder mystery actors, none of our teams got the final solution right! (Possibly something to do with the wine on the table and the constant stream of G&Ts flowing from bar to dining room!) However, one team did get the murderer right (nobody else did) and the weapon - and there wasn’t a single lawyer involved…

It was a wonderful night, very entertaining and so lovely to spend time with business colleagues, partners, staff and interns just having fun!