New year, new start: why the festive holidays are fuel for divorce

For the last six weeks, TV adverts have been keen to show ‘model’ families in action, whether enjoying oak tables laden with steaming turkeys, entertaining the local recycling bore with drinks and nibbles, or making replicas of themselves. Even the dog and the local wildlife are shown having fun on a trampoline.


HappyNewYearSo, if your relationship was already on rocky ground, you may have felt pressure to stay together and let the Christmas spirit mend the cracks. Unfortunately, for many couples, Christmas actually has the opposite effect.

During most of the year, the average couple’s contact time is limited by the practicalities and logistics of work, children, social life, hobbies and sports. Suddenly, at Christmas, couples have days on end together, and tensions suppressed during the previous months bubble to the surface.

If the marriage is already beyond repair, Christmas simply accelerates the decision to split. It’s no wonder that more people file for divorce in January in the UK than any other month of the year.


A new year, a new beginning

The start of a new year is a time to look forward, to plan and to set goals in a spirit of positivity. (That’s why more people sign up for gym membership in January than any other month.) If the Christmas period has confirmed that your relationship has broken down, January is an opportunity to move forward and make the break.

At LGFL, we don’t do January sales, but we do offer a free 30-minute consultation for local clients. You can visit our discreet countryside offices, and discuss your situation with one of the Directors of our family law firm. There’s no obligation, no pressure, just a sympathetic ear and sound advice on your options moving forward.

Should you wish to move ahead with divorce proceedings, we will work with you to achieve the best financial and personal outcomes for you and your children. Our team are approachable and friendly, combining professionalism and accessibility when you need our help, and ‘behind the scenes’ progress to move your case forward. We provide regular updates and transparent billing, so you are always in touch with all aspects of your case.

Call us to make your appointment, and let 2017 be the new start you have been waiting for.