New year, new start

The start of a new year is a chance to look ahead and plan for your future. For many, that means setting goals for losing weight, giving up smoking, getting fit or changing jobs. For others, it may involve a deeper look at their own happiness, and their marriage or relationship.

If a relationship or marriage is under strain, the Christmas period can often reveal just how deep the issues lie.The combination of being with each other 24/7 and excess alcohol can cause things to be said or done that seal the need to separate, for your own wellbeing and that of your family. 

If you have realised that your marriage has run its course, and it’s time to go separate ways, then now is the time to plan. Divorce is never an easy choice to make, and it has many facets to consider, but starting to plan for it can make all the difference between feeling trapped or moving forward with your life.

For you, the biggest issue might be that first step - finding out who you can turn to for advice on divorce that is both expert and balanced. You also need to be confident that your family lawyers can offer the level of personal, reliable and expert service you require. Nobody just wants to be a case number in something so life-changing as a divorce.


What to look for in a firm of divorce lawyers

Here’s our checklist of what to look for in any firm of high quality divorce lawyers, to ensure you get the level of attention you deserve. Needless to say, it’s what we offer here at LGFL. 

1. High level of discretion

This may seem obvious, but discretion is very important. You may wish to consult them before your spouse even knows you are considering separating. A good firm of divorce lawyers will recognise the need for discreet communications and a ‘low profile’ meeting. 

2. Enhanced confidentiality checks

Divorce proceedings do require a number of checks to be made. These need to be done sensitively to ensure they don’t result in information being ‘given away’. It’s important to remember that whilst a divorce is a matter of public record, the reasons for it are not. In a divorce, BOTH parties are required to keep all information provided confidential.

3. You won’t bump into other clients

It isn’t just information that needs to be confidential. The last thing you want is to take extra care in choosing a discreet law firm, only to bump into someone you know (or your partner know) in reception. We ensure that our clients never meet, either at our own discreet offices in Swallowfield or at our meeting spaces in Reading and Basingstoke. 

4. High end service from a boutique law firm

High end service begins with the person who you first meet. So often in big firms, however, that is the first and last time you meet them. Your case may be assigned to another person, often not as qualified or experienced as the person you first met. When you come to LGFL, for the first time you will meet one of our two Directors. That Director will remain your primary contact throughout your dealings with us. Not a junior, not a trainee, but that same Director you first met. So you always receive the highest level of expertise we offer.

5. Not just a number

If a firm of divorce lawyers seem ultra-keen to take on your case, it’s OK to wonder why. We don’t take on every client who wants us to represent them, because we want to give every client the level of individual attention they deserve. Our clients are always a person with their own unique situation and requirements, not a legal case without a face. That’s why so many of our clients recommend us to their friends - they know they’ll get the same individual, personalised and expert service they received.

6. Friendly, experienced support team

Our Directors enjoy superb support from our team, a vital part of your divorce proceedings. Their experience and knowledge ensure the smooth running of the ‘backroom’ activities, from the proper preparation of court papers to our transparent billing.


Come and meet us

We want you to feel confident that we are the right divorce lawyers for you, and nothing reveals that better than a face to face, no obligation chat over coffee. So, we offer a free 30 minute consultation, in person or via Skype, for any qualifying potential client. You can come to our discreet countryside offices near Swallowfield, or meet us in a dedicated meeting space in central Reading at a time to suit you during the day.