New year, new you

Man and son unpacking house move boxes.

The New Year is a time when many of us set resolutions - to lose weight, to be more active, to cut down on alcohol. It’s also a time of year when many couples decide to start divorce proceedings, often after months of uncertainty and arguments.


Staying together for Christmas

Many couples delay taking the inevitable step, hoping that the Christmas holiday together would somehow resolve everything and often not wishing to upset children and families. Each January, family lawyers like us see a surge in enquiries about divorce right across the UK, fuelled by family tensions and concerns over finances.

Calls to relationship charities also spike, with Relate receiving a 24% increase in calls during January 2017. Relate director Chris Sherwood said:

“Many of the calls we receive in January are from couples who are already at crisis point after existing relationship tensions have come to a head over Christmas.”


Time to move forward

If your relationship has ended and you need to get things moving forward, you are not alone. Call us for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your divorce in complete confidence and with no obligation.

Money, money, money

A survey of married couples by a leading law firm confirmed the dominance of money amongst their top marital challenges:

  • 37% - financial pressures
  • 22% - arguments about money


Staying together for the children

Those surveyed who had considered leaving their spouse had stayed with them because:

  • 25% were concerned about the impact of a split on their children
  • 24% were worried about losing their home

At LGFL Ltd, we always ensure that the interests of your children are protected and respected. As a result, we have helped hundreds of clients in a wide variety of family situations to divorce with less stress, and to reach the best outcome possible for them and their family.

Divorce on the rise

According to the Office for National Statistics, heterosexual divorces rose by 5.8% in 2016. The average duration of a marriage is 12 years, and 42% of all marriages in the UK now end in divorce.


We’ll fight your corner

Whatever your circumstances, however complex your family situation or finances, LGFL can help you. Call us for your no-obligation 30-minute consultation to discuss your divorce in complete confidence at our discreet offices near Reading, or via Skype for international clients.


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