New Year Resolutions

New Year is traditionally the time to take stock, to decide what goals to set for the coming year, and perhaps give your life a new direction. While many people decide to get fit or lose weight, some decide that married life isn’t for them anymore, and it’s time to move on.
resolutionWebAs discussed in a previous blog, statistics consistently show a rise in couples seeking divorces in January. Experts say may be due to the strain of the season, delaying divorce proceedings until after Christmas to avoid upsetting the family.
Whatever the underlying reasons, divorce is a major life decision that should not be entered into lightly. Unlike that New year gym membership which you can cancel (eventually), a divorce is in legal terms a final separation, a parting of ways that has multiple implications on your finances, your living arrangements and most importantly, on the lives of your children.
Divorce is not something to start proceedings for in a state of anger or resentment; it needs to be considered in the calm light of day and properly thought through, so that you and your partner can reach the right agreements for your own benefits and that of any children involved.
If your New Year resolution is to part, call us first. At LGFL we offer professional legal and mediation services, to work out what is best for you and your family and explore all options around separation agreements, rather than assuming “It’s divorce or nothing.” For more details, call us and we can discuss your specific needs and requirements in a free 30 minute consultation.


And if you need some inspiration for less life-changing New Year resolutions, here are a few celebrity examples from the start of 2014…


“I kind of incorporate resolutions throughout the year. If I think of something good to do, I’ll incorporate it into the system.”
Jerry Seinfeld

“I don’t like to make promises to myself that I might not be able to keep because then, you know, whatever, you feel like an idiot. So I don’t do it.”
Kevin Bacon, actor and mobile phone advert frontman

“I don’t [have a resolution]. Should I? Anything? Give me something.”
Steve Carell, actor

“In 2014 I want to build a brighter future for school kids. Do good.”
Elizabeth Banks, Hunger Games actress

“I always have the same New Year’s resolution: to speak French fluently… And I’ll do anything for a warm baguette.”
Emma Watson, Harry Potter star