Divorce or not and child arrangements : Our round-up of news for November 2023

There was a lot of news we found interesting in November 2023, so we've put a few of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages together and a reminder of our blogs.

From our blog:

Separate but together: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith


Want to separate but not divorce? How a separation agreement can help set out financial and other arrangements.



Santa, sunshine and skiing: Christmas holidays abroad and parental permissions


Want to take the kids abroad this winter? Why parental permission for separated and divorced parents is important, and why it needs to be agreed in writing before you go.




Christmas 2023 child arrangements after separation or divorce


Navigating the festive season as separated or divorced parents? Remember Child Arrangement Letters.
These documents are essential tools that outline the details of your child's care during this special time. They work to reduce stress, minimise confrontation, and even cut down costs. Understanding what they are and how they function can pave the way for a more enjoyable festive period for everyone involved.



And from our social media streams:

Celebrating Holidays as a Blended Family

Before the Christmas holidays arrive, blended families should have a plan for how they'll navigate this season and make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Consider these three tips for celebrating Christmas as a blended family.


Government’s ambition of encouraging mediation fundamentally undermined by decision to cut funding for early legal advice

Backlogs and delays in the family courts, which are affecting tens of thousands of children, will continue until legal funding is restored for early legal advice, the Law Society warned today.

Analysis reveals the government’s ambition of encouraging mediation has been fundamentally undermined by its own decision to cut funding for early legal advice for family matters.


Don’t Put Your Kid in the Middle

Being in the middle hurts kids; how can you prevent that?


Domestic abuse victim speaks out on suffering and welcomes new law exposing offenders

Claire's Law means there is no hiding place for those convicted of domestic abuse

“Do a background check. If you don’t, you’ll never find out,”


Divorce-Online Reveals The Top 10 UK Towns & Cities With The Highest Rate of Divorce in 2023

Divorce hotspots and top is not London!


Proposed changes to surrogacy law ‘will not be taken forward at the moment’

In a letter to the commission this week providing an interim response to the proposals, Ms Caulfield wrote: “While we appreciate the importance of this work, parliamentary time does not allow for these changes to be taken forward at the moment.”


I haven't seen my kids in 11 years after my wife took them home with her

"I was the best dad I could be - until my kids were taken halfway across the world"

So often the case that, as the judge wrote in her summary:

‘It is likely that the relationships between the father and the children will be extinguished.’


Domestic Abuse Commissioner responds to Criminal Justice reforms in King’s Speech

The Domestic Abuse Commissionar added: "however, that across the board the criminal justice system is failing victims of domestic abuse"


The Changing face of Pre-nups

"An astounding 75% of Wenup’s customers have assets below £500k, demonstrating that prenuptial agreements are not exclusive to the wealthy elite."


A vision for family justice

This year, to celebrate its 40th Anniversary, @ResFamilyLaw is using #AwarenessWeek to launch its Vision for Family Justice, focusing on the need for cohabitation reform and the importance of early legal advice.