Divorce statistics, Charities and Christmas: Our round-up of news for Nov-Dec 2022

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Who, when and why: new 2021 divorce stats from the ONS


The latest statistics from the ONS show almost a 10% increase in divorces from 2020 to 2021. Directors Rita Gupta and Anne Leiper look at the figures and add their own comments and insights.



How to make Christmas 2022 child arrangements following your separation


Child arrangement letters - what they are, how they work and why they are essential for separated and divorced parents for an enjoyable festive period with less stress, less confrontation and less cost too.




Counting the cost of divorce: Why newly separated parents may struggle to afford Christmas


With more couples now spending their first Christmas apart, Director Rita Gupta shares her tips on having an affordable and less stressful Christmas with the kids.




Helping local people in times of need


This festive season, LGFL Ltd are supporting local charities that help people cope with the impact of the cost of living crisis.


From our social media:

‘Lawfare’ among six new words added to Collins Dictionary

Do you know what it means?


Thousands of divorcees forced to hand over 10pc more as inflation soars

Another price increase


Inside Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen’s Prenup

Apparently, they’d an “ironclad prenup,” which made the division of their belongings fairly easy.


Celebrity couples who didn't sign prenups

But some of the stars in this gallery didn't really bother considering a prenup. Some certainly wished they had!


What would changes to CGT rules mean for divorcing couples?

In April of this year, when the law changed to allow couples to divorce without assigning fault to either spouse and without a lengthy separation, most – if not all – family lawyers agreed the changes would help to reduce conflict and allow separating couples to focus on important issues like children, property, and finances.

What are the effects of divorce in London?

In London, the average age of divorce has risen since 1997. There are lots of people  search for a good solicitor. In this article, you’ll learn how a divorce affects children, how financial settlements are reached, and how time is spent with children.


Tips for managing the holidays during and after divorce

Some tips to help you focus on the joys of the season during hard times.


Relationship expert describes four signs that you’ll stay with your partner

Want to know if your relationship will last? Read on …


Family courts ill-equipped to handle abuse tactics post-separation

Interesting article in the FT Advisor


Father can arrange Covid vaccines for children after mother opposes, judge rules

The difficulties of joint parenting when vaccines come and go.


The law needs to support cohabiting couples

Over the past decade, the number of families and households in the UK has continued to rise in line with population growth; however, the way people are living is changing, with more and more people choosing to live together either before or without getting married, with one in five of us being in a cohabiting couple household structure.


Judges to be trained on avoiding ‘inappropriate behaviour’, says Lord Chief Justice

The Lord Chief Justice has said that bespoke training will be provided to judges on how to avoid “inappropriate behaviour”


Spike in divorce rate increases risk of financial vulnerability

Whilst the change in law removes bureaucracy and cost, the unintended consequences may be increased financial vulnerability.


Kim and Kanye divorce settlement agreed

Kanye West agrees to pay former wife Kim Kardashian hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.


The 30 real reasons why couples end their marriage

There are many causes of divorce. And often, an accumulation of things will cause a marriage to break down. Here are some of the real reasons why couples get divorced, according to relationship experts.


Grandparents are the invisible glue holding our broken childcare system together

How important grandparents and their effects are.


New protections for children affected by domestic abuse - so victims can come forward 'with confidence'.

It's been decided children will be treated as victims even if they were not present during violent incidents.


New divorce statistics suggests confusion surrounding new laws

Since no-fault divorce became legal, divorce numbers have risen. But…

"There has been a drop of 31% in financial remedy applications. Indicating that many divorcing couples may be misunderstanding the necessity to protect their financial position, even during an amicable divorce. Their assets are now left at risk without financial orders in place."


Separating families: Experiences of separation and support

Experience of separating is shaped by access to support: new research study funded by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, looks at parents' and children's experiences of parental separation.
The study explores the experiences of both families who had used the family courts and those who hadn't with the aim of better understanding the challenges they faced and the type of support that helped.


Pink ribbon and heavy wheelie bags: Barrister reflects on how his job has changed over the years

The changes of the years in court.