Celebrations, international divorce & civil partnerhips: our November round up of news

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

celebrate divorce


Celebrating your divorce - or not

The divorce party and associated activities provide a memorable, fixed moment for the end of a marriage, and possibly with better associated memories afterwards than the granting of a divorce in court or the arrival of paperwork in the post.






international divorce2

International relations: why divorcing when living abroad is rarely straightforward

Why is international divorce more complicated that in the UK? We’ve a short guide to international family laws and how they may affect an overseas divorce.









Civil partnership argument

Civil partnerships: formations down, dissolutions up

Which has the higher divorce/dissolution rate – heterosexual marriage or same sex civil partnerships? The stats may surprise you…




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Good Divorce Week

It’s Good Divorce Week, and we’re supporting the national campaign by Resolution for no-fault divorces in the UK.


From our social media:

A new book released makes deeply painful reading with its tales of distress, anger, self-blame and humiliation — all, for the first time, in the voices of the children themselves.
More couples in their 70s are getting divorced, longer life expectancy and a change in social attitudes are all factors fuelling the trend.
"The Ivy' owner could just be in Britain's biggest divorce.
Less adoptions are happening. A fall of 12% is put down to local authorities misinterpreting a 2013 family court ruling that adoption should be a last resort.


“Divorce is known to be the second most traumatic life experience after the death of a loved one,” This gives food for thought.
Often the judges decision is to split assets in a divorce. However is building an internal brick wall in the family home the answer?
There does seem to be a definite trend towards shared parenting after divorce.
Just why are more and or 50 somethings turning to divorce. This article at the Telegraph tries to shine a light on it.
Recent statistics show cases in #FamilyLaw courts just keep rising.
5 ways to remain civil business partners post-#divorce.


 Does this mean social media has become the main form of communication for some people?



As part of 'Good Divorce Week', Resolution asked some people waht they thought about no fault divorce.